July 30, 2005

Because I Like My Carpet Shampooer

Ok Raegan, Time to change your Diaper!
OK, we're gonna lay right here
Yeah! New Diaper
No No, hold still!
No ...
Don't ......
Roll Over....
Here ,
Look at this ...
Um ......
this ....
piece of lint stuck to a popsicle wrapper .
Yeah! Fun..
yes.. wow... look at this
No, hold still!
Mama has to change your diaper!
New Diaper!
OK, OFF the old diaper!
No no, honey, hold still...
see the wrapper!
Fun fun!
OK, diaper off!
No no, honey, Hold still
Um .....
OK, look at this .....
Um .....
Lotion Bottle!
Wooo... Lotion Bottle!
Mama needs to clean off the carpet now..
Oh... and her arm..
Hold still honey!
Ok, Diaper off!
Yes, I know the carpet is wet now..
Gotta hold still honey, or we'll get more of it on the carpet!
OK, NEW diaper!
No, honey, hold still!
OK, lets scoot over here, Mama will clean that up after, OK?
Yes, NEW Diaper!
Yes, that's Mama's hair.
YEAH! New diaper!
No No, don't play in that!!
Yucky, honey!
Oh, you've got it on your leg..
Oh, and more on your diaper.
OK Honey..
Time for a New Diaper!

Because she's learning so Quickly!

Raegan sits in her toy box. Yes, IN. Darndest thing, really.... It can be full of toys, and she still manages to get her little body in there with them...Makes herself a nest in the middle and throws them all out.. till empty. She then crawls her little self out, Mama puts all the toys back in, and it starts all over. It is just SO cute to see her little body in that basket, surrounded by all her fun stuff, talking to herself as she inspects each and every thing in there before tossing it out and grabbing something new.
Mental pictures.. hopefully they last as long as the digital ones!
(finding great deals on E-bay.. hope to have a replacement camera soon! ( thank you, Pell Grant, for giving us $150 for living expenses... pay bills?? NO! We're buying a camera! Priorities...))

July 29, 2005

Because She Makes Me Giggle

Raegan discovered the joys of a well executed head stand today.
She has been standing up all the time.. getting on those little feet whenever the opportunity presents itself.. yes, even in the tub ( SIT DOWN!).
Quite on accident, she put her head down during one "on my feet" moment, and looked back.. at her Mama. BIG SMILE.. BIG LAUGH.. and she spent the next hour till bed time upside down, her wee little bottom in the air, peeking at me between her knees.
God, I love that little girl.

July 27, 2005


Today Matt got a job offer from T-Mobile.
The beginning of a dream career, T-Mobile has a huge IT department that pays it's employees a career salery. He will be starting out in Customer Service, and as he gets his certificates and degree, he will be Movin' On Up.
He will have a family friendly schedlue to start out, 8 to 5 tuesday through saturday, so he will be seeing Raegan more! He will be taking at least one class next term online, hopefully two, and one evening class, tuesday and thursday. Plus, T-Mobile has a tuition reimbursement program, so some of our financial woes will be lessened. Also, for less then the price we pay for medical insurance for justRaegan, Matt can insure the entire family with (90%+)Medical, Dental and Vision coverage. Add to that a cell phone plan for two with unlimited minutes and only $9 a month, we are on the road to success! ( this serves as an early warning that we will be shutting down the home phone within the next 2 weeks and switching to the much cheaper cell phone) Plus, T-Mobile is only 3 miles from our house, so we'll save on gas money. This all makes up for the fact that his starting wage is $1 less then he currently earns.. However at your 90 day review, the average raise is $1, so not a big deal. AND, working there he will come into contact with many others needing occasional child care, so I may be able to up my earnings a bit because of this move as well!
The downside... strich schedule for work means much more difficult to go to school. Strict 5 day work week means little to no travel/vacations for us ( although he will go to 4 - 10's or 3.5 12's as soon as possible) and limited overtime is allowed.
Overall, a YEAH moment.

July 25, 2005

Smartie Pants

Raegan is just SO smart! Like her Mommie, Raegan LOVES red grapes. Ate them by the pound when pregnant. SO.. I went out and bought a bunch, cut them into quarters, and plopped them on her trey. She eats them!! She LOVES them!! She.... SPITS OUT THE SKINS!! Silly girl! She pops a quarter in her mouth, messes around with it for a minute, and pops out the skin, which she can't chew, and grabs another! WAY FUN! This opened a whole new door for me, as it is generally recommended babs not be fed stuff with skins.. so Raegan now also eats ( less enthusiastically, I'll admit) grape tomatoes as well. Yeah!
Any other fun ideas as to what I can feed the little bean?

July 24, 2005


OK, need wedding scrapbook page layout ideas. doing some pages for April and am stuck.
If you run accross anything, e-mail to:



Wild Hair! She slept with a pony tail in and was all sweaty.. her hair stayed up like that for a good half hour! Posted by Picasa

An assignment

OK, Here's what I need everyone to do.... I am  trying to make some fun educational stuff for Raegan, and I need your help with some of it... I am making "family flash cards" so she can start learning names, especially names of family she doesn't see as often.

Here's what I need you to do:

Decorate one side of a 3X5 index card. Write your name ( the name Raegan will call you) in BIG BOLD letters in the middle, and decorate the edges any way you like ( flat decoration) so you can doodle a picture, cut out paper in shapes, color, WHAT EVER YOU WANT. I had hoped the art work would say something about you... who you are, how she can connect the art with the person, that kind of thing.

Then, MAIL this card to me, ALONG WITH A GOOD PICTURE OF YOUR FACE ( so try no sunglasses, etc) and I will put the picture on one side with your name and art on the other, and will have them all SUPER LAMINATED at the local print shop, so she can chew them, take them in the tub, what ever she wants.

It is important that she know her family, and this is one way to keep her connected with all y'all.

I need this from EVERYONE, PLEASE!!

So, this is for you:



Aunt Davinie

Uncle Steve


Aunt Alyca

Uncle Ethan

Uncle Jobie

Aunt Alexsandra ( papa, this will be your chore...please do it!)


Now, if you'd prefer that she call you something else then what I have above, feel free to put that in! You all know that I'm Auntie Bean ( which I LOVE, thankyouverymuch) so if you want a different title, go ahead and use that!


I love you all, and THANKS in advance for doing this for me!



July 14, 2005


Oh, I am SUCH a lier. I will NOT be putting Raegan in her pool today to take photos at home. That would just be too much water time in one day, I think. I'm trying to get her to sleep as much as possible so she is rested and ready to play come this evenings lessons! Last week she skipped her 2nd nap, and we paid for it later!

On a completely unrelated note.. please check out my e-bay listings! click to "watch" the items, so that I can delude myself into thinking that SOMEONE may actually bid on something. Maybe ask a question about the craftsmanship or something, and I can include that in the listing!

July 13, 2005

An Apology

OK, no swimsuit photo yet. I will purchase a disposable under water camera for class tomorow, and maybe get Davinie to "shoot" us and I'll do the same for her.
Just in case, I will plop the little bean in her baby pool tomorow and take a few snaps for you.

Here's something to tide you over

July 12, 2005

Ode' to a Picky Eater

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Oh my Darling Child,
why must you be so Picky?
Why will you not eat
foods slimy or just sticky?

You are just like your Father;
"Cheeze and bottles, ONLY!"
I don't know why I bother.
You're Green Beans sit there, lonley.

And then one day I found
the one thing that you'll chew.
You LIKE sphagetti noodles!
"Yes give me some, DO!"

So I cooked up a big batch
and mixed in veggies, three.
Then you began to eat them;
"Spaghetti noodles, WHEEE!"

So now, the crisis over,
my baby eating good.
I will always remember;
"Mix spaghetti in my food!"

July 08, 2005

Raegans GIRL hair! Mama not very good at putting piggies in yet, and Raegan was SO good holding still for me to practice! Posted by Picasa

July 06, 2005

BAD DECISION number 2,498

So, Matt will not be continuing school this fall. We can't afford the tuition / books. Financial aid SUCKS. The MOST he could get is $2,100 A YEAR for the Pell Grant ( but to get full amount you must be - you guessed it - in district) , unless he wants to go and get some loans. BUT WAIT.... we don't qualify for ANY loans ( that are affordable) until we live here for TWO YEARS. You see, If you live here for ONE year before you enroll, you qualify as an in-district local, and can get more financial aid... BUT, if you ENROLL and you haven't been here a year yet, you must be a resident for TWO years....

"In district
An individual who owns property, or who has maintained a permanent and continuous residence, in the district for one full year prior to the beginning of the first term of enrollment will be classified as an in-district resident. The COCC District consists of all of Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson Counties, the northern portion of Klamath and Lake Counties, and the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Jefferson and Wasco Counties.

Out of district (in state)
An individual who has maintained a permanent and continuous residence in the state of Oregon but outside of the COCC district during the full year prior to the beginning of the first term of enrollment will be classified as “out of district.” The student’s residency will convert to in-district two calendar years after the term in which the student began classes.

Out of state
An individual who has not maintained a permanent and continuous residence in the state of Oregon during the full year prior to the beginning of the first term of enrollment will be classified as “out of state.” The student’s residency will convert to in-district two calendar years after the term in which the student began classes.

So you see, Matt has to wait two years to be considered "in district" since he already enrolled. If we had waited for him to start in winter term, he would be in district, and we would have less of an issue. This policy seems kind of odd since COCC is a COMMUNIYT COLLEGE, and it is a TWO YEAR SCHOOL. So, according to them, if you're full time, you can get the in-district pricing and financial aid.... WHEN YOU'RE DONE WITH SCHOOL.

So, the fall back plan is for him to just take one class at a time. That's like $300 a term. This sucks. Not sure what the hell we're gonna do. We were supposed to move into Davinies place this winter.. we can't afford that unless we're getting the COOPER scholarship. Can only get the scholarship if Matt's in school. Can only have Matt in School if I go back to work full time plus. I can only go back to work full time plus if Raegan is in day care. If Raegan is in day care, she will literally be spending 1/3 of her life with someone else, learning their values, their parenting style, their hugs and kisses, etc. Having her raised by someone else pretty much negates the whole reason we were sending him to full time school in the first place. So, what to do? Either we're screwed, Davinie is screwed, or Papa is screwed. How the hell do we make this all better?
Man, we are SO GOOD at making crappy decisions. Can I get a job doing that? Moving down here may have saved our sanity, but it has FU*#ED up our future. Is Raegan gonna be the one to pay for our mistakes? When will we finally do something RIGHT??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm ready for life to be good now, OK?? I'll settle for "moving in the right direction", will that be so hard?

Can someone plese point me in the "right direction", please? I can't seem to find it.

July 05, 2005

Well THAT was fun!

So, for the first time in YEARS we actually DID something for the 4th of July. ( thank you Davinie for inviting us!)
We started out the day walking in the Bend Pet Parade. There were SO MANY people with thier pets and children walking that I'm surprised there were spectators AT ALL. Raegan spent the majority of the walk in her stroller, which was covered with crep paper and foam stars. I was a beautiful day, the sun was out, and she was having a good time of it! Chloe and Lola were covered in stars themselves, and were very bwell behaved the whole time! It was so fun! There was even this kid walking in the parade carrying around a tiny aquarium with his turtle in it.
After the parade, we headed back to the house to drop off the pups and let Raegan take her afternoon nap. Davinie, Steve and Morgan went on to the fun in Sunriver.
After nap time we headed over to a friends house and met up with the group coming home from Sunriver. We had a yummy BBQ dinner, and Raegan actually spent sime time in the pool! Didn't even think to grab my camera, but her swimsuit is SO darned cute!! I'll shoot a picture of it soon..
After the BBQ we all headed over to this other friend of Davinies house and watched some fireworks. I also smoked a HUGE swisher Sweet Cigar with Steve ( THANK YOU STEVE) and drank a beer. te hee! It was fun! Raegan didn't mind the fireorks too much, but the loud ones got some BIG eyes out of the gal! She finally passed out in my arms around 9:45, so we headed home. Saw some of the BIG fireworks from the car on the drive, but not much. Came home, put baby bean to bed ( changed her and everything and she slept through it) and passed out ourselves. All in all, a great day!
I am such a hermit these days it was really great to get out and DO something for a change! Gonna have to do this more often!

July 03, 2005

My poor baby girl was SO tired today! She didn't want to take her 2nd nap and had been grouchy for a while, so after she finished her 1/2 jar of Ham & Apples I rewarded her with Cheerios, Pickles and Cheeze, her favorites. 5 minutes later, this is how I found her in her chair..... Posted by Picasa

She was SO cute! She was mostly asleep but would still reach out and try to get some cheeze in her mouth. SO... she went to bed an hour early today smelling of pickles and cheeze. No bath.. so we'll have to get up early tomorow to bath before the 4th festivities. Posted by Picasa

Poor baby! Posted by Picasa

She LOVES the window. She spent half an hour today banging on and kissing the window. Posted by Picasa

Silly Girl! Posted by Picasa

She's pulling up all the time now! Used Dads leg hairs this time.... Posted by Picasa

She is SUCH the Daddies Girl! I'm embarassed to admit that she has SIPPED this junk and LIKED IT! Posted by Picasa

Gotta send this one to Mt Dew people.. get published! Posted by Picasa

Once again with the tail as the other two wrestle. Posted by Picasa

DOG ( and little girl ) PILE! Posted by Picasa

WET WILLIE!! Posted by Picasa