January 31, 2008

Face Dancing

January 28, 2008

Daddies Hat

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The Dentitht

Tho today I went to the dentitht for the firtht time in like theven yearth. Theven yearth is a long time to thtay away from the dentitht, and boy am I paying for that time off now! Altho, I got a valium because I'm a huge weenie and abtholutely hate that long needle into my jaw. Hate. Valium was nith though becauthe it reminded me of my pot dayth back in my youth. Minuth the munchieth, becauthe munchieth are really the latht thing I need right now.

Tho that'th the update on me. Jaw killing me. Teeth thore. And the betht newth ith, I get to go back in 3 weekth to do the other thide.


January 27, 2008

Dumped Snow and a Raspberry

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Wind Down to Bed Time

Deceptively sweet...

They were wrestling, a favorite pass time. She won't be able to beat him for much longer so I won't squash her superior skills while she has them!

Super unfortunate flash blocking. Dang I hate that! Turn the camera sideways and I'm all thumbs.

After he finished being beat on, he worked on his headstand all night.. he'll have it soon!

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Goofing with the Kids

They sure have been camera happy today! Apparently it's the "new" fun thing to do!

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A Sprinkling Of Fun

Gotta love fresh snow! Raegan and I made her a lovely man.. to knock down and poke with her straw, apparently. I saved the carnage photos for use later.

Badd Hatter

Well I am absolutely LOVING how this hat turned out! It's fun making things for your kids, but it's hard to make something as "girly" as crochet into a usable "boy" item... but this ended up being perfect! Watch out Matt, you're getting one next!
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January 25, 2008

Lovely Leylah: Ladies Hat

My latest crochet obsession: tassle hats! If I have my way I'll have a wee little troup of shriners running around here any day now!
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January 24, 2008

Injection: Rejection

Kael had his 18 month appointment today ( at, *ahem* 19+ months) and considering, all went well!
Considering what? You ask...
Considering I missed his 15 month appointment so this one was full of shots! Sorry buddy!!! Luckily, my son is an awesome Champ. I handed him a lolly-pop before, he cried during ( ok, cried is the polite description. Let's just say I died a little today in that 45 seconds. Shame, Mama. Shame. ) and was all happy, sticky candy smiles just a minute after. Champ.

Also: Moose. Yes, Kael is indeed the moose I have proclaimed him to be. A full 3 feet in height ( 36.5 inches tall) putting him firmly in the 99th percentile for height. 32.5 pounds, putting him in the 97th percentile for weight. He's ahead on his word count and while it is new, he has begun simple sentences.. and mocking. He mocks a wee bit now. He thinks saying Daddy is stinky is rather funny and spent the better part of dinner tonight saying EWWWW YUCK!!! and laughing at my pork chops, just to get a reaction from me. Now this would bother me if he wasn't eating but as I said; 97th percentile. Eating is his favorite thing to do, EVAH! Child is a human disposal, which is a sweet change from Raegans super super picky eating habits. He has also beat the books in his pretend play. Child seriously thinks he's a frog. Walk holding my hand? Uh, no. Bounce on all fours screaming RIBBITT!!!!!!! Sure.
You do whatever you need, buddy. Injection day? It's all about you. Ribbitt away, son.
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January 22, 2008


I have no idea when this pic was taken, how it was taken, or what is about to land on Raegans face.
But it makes me smile, none the less.
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What do YOU do at midnight??
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January 19, 2008

Back at the Park

And I have no proof, but I swear it was near 60 degrees around here today. An awesome day to play outside!
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January 17, 2008


Some decidedly overexposed pics of the Amaryllis Mom got me for Christmas. I got a dud and mine didn't grow very quickly, making it kind of short and a late bloomer... but it's perfect! Any taller and it would fall over, any shorter and it would be decidedly anti-climatic. Love it! Will work on my exposure issues...
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OK Fine.

The hair. With added curling iron action. Know who I look like?

Yes, Elizabeth Shue. But not hot sexy Elizabeth Shue.
Frazzled 1987 Adventures in babysitting Elizabeth Shue. But fuzzier.

Which is s big step up from this, which is what it looks like without pounds of product and 15 minutes with a curling iron.

Well, minus the body hair. I have considerably less.

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