February 28, 2006

Spacious Living Room

OK, I wasn't going to share any current belly shots until the very end after Little Man got here... but here's an idea of growth. Keep in mind that I am the same weight ( actually, half a pound smaller now) in both photos, and both were taken at the same gestational time.

A Stressful Non-Stress Test

Went in for my regular checkup today.
Gained 6 pounds ( ouch).

Listened to the little Man's heartrate... and it was pretty fast. In fact, it got up to 200. Then down to 170 when she pushed on him... a deceleration, but to a normal rate. But a deceleration. Plus... He moves around a LOT. I mean, a LOT. Enough that she commented on it before I did.


I was sent over to the hospital.

I got to be all strapped in for a Non-Stress test for the little man. I am measuring a full 2 weeks ahead ( fundal height around 27) yet my weight is the same this time as it was with Raegan. I had 3 different nurses come in at different points to check the monitors. All three were amazed at how ACTIVE he is, and how STRONG for his age.... you should just be able to feel kicks now, maybe see them a little. Not with this guy! An athelete, he is. You can see his kicks from accross the room, literally. At a gestationl age of 23 weeks.

He did have a higher heartrate.. averaged out at 180 for the test, so just a bit above normal. No major dexelerations. He looks GOOD though. Just BIG. And HYPER. I had one contraction while I was there, it was just a small step above a Braxton Hicks, so not really a big deal. I am to "take it easy" ( as if I exercise now anyway) and keep in touch with how things are going.. as far as contractions/braxton hicks go. Pay attention to his movements... if they should really slow all of the sudden ( like, to a more normal pattern?) come in to be checked out.

So...... the Little Man is not so little, and I have managed to pass the "Curse of the Hyper" on to the poor guy. He is VERY easily excitable ("watch your sugar intake, he could be responding to that") and VERY bold in announcing his presence.

I go back in 2 weeks to check out how he is doing. Maybe an ultrasound then to see if we have too much fluid, or if he is indeed as HUGE as he seems. Will take another blood sugar test to rule out GD... Doc thinks I'm just growing a big boy. No signs as of yet of anything major. As long as the heartrate is consistant, then we won't worry.

Any-Hoo.... there's your update!

February 25, 2006

The Wheels are-a Turnin'.

Today, my overly bright little girl brought me her shoe. Then she brought me a Weeble. Then she put the Weeble in her shoe, took the lot from me, and started pushing them around the room.

She told me it was a car.

My child is EVER so BRIGHT!

This is the first obvious using of her imagination.. and what a great thing that is!

February 21, 2006

You Nasty Little Turd!

I am messing with the fish tank, cleaning up a bit, that kind of thing, when I hear a blood-curdling scream come from my precious child, my little girl, my heart. I turn to see my wee little bit of heaven clutching her cheek with both hands, "OWIE, OWIE!" and rush over, dropping the tank cleaner in the tank. I carefully pry her hands away from her perfect little face and what do I see? A Freakin, God Damned BITE mark!!!! I look over, and Tanner, that sneaky, sly little bastard* is sitting on the coffee table looking confused.
I am, at this moment, the picture of control ( right..). Raegan cradled in one arm, screaming, her face puffing up already.. I crouch down, look him in the eye.. my face turns purple... " TANNER!!!! NO BITING! BITING IS BAD! NO NO!" grab his arm, lead ( drag, a little) him to the end of the hall.. say, once again, with the utmost control " SIT. STAY." and took my sweet angel into the other room to cuddle. She would NOT let me put her down. She just cried, wanted her 'Boo-ee" ( blanket) and snuggled as close as she could get to my body, face in blanket, wailing. Oh. My. God. I have the spawn of Satan* sitting at the end of my hall. Granted, he is now somewhat scared himself, what with all the yelling and abrupt sit in a darkened hall and all. But Satan just the same.
A full 10 minutes pass. Raegan has calmed herself. We trek back to the end of the hall and sit down with Tanner.
"Tanner, the reason you got in trouble is because you BIT Raegan. Biting is NOT good. Biting HURTS. NO MORE BITING. Do you understand?"
" Yes."
"Please say you are sorry to Raegan. Are you sorry for biting Raegan?"
"OK, you can get up now."
For the next 10 minutes, Rae stayed glued to my side. Then... dinner was ready... Tanner had the green ball.... and the next thing I know she is gigging chasing him around the dining table trying to appropriate it. No lasting harm.
Apparently biting is a normal thing in kids. Some hit, some spit, some bite. Unfortunately for me, Tanner bites. Maybe NOT the spawn of Satan... but for a minute there... close.

Yes, just a nasty bruise. No broken skin. It is more purple today. My sweet child has a purple Tanner-mouth shaped bite on her face. I will forgive him someday. Till then.... well till then nothing. I know kids bite. But I never knew how hard it would be to see my baby in pain. I never knew how hard it would be to not completely squash the thing that caused her pain. Had it been one of the dogs, we would be one dog short today. As it is, it was not a dog, but a deceptively sweet little boy named Tanner. Can't really squash him, now can I? After all, he is someone else's angel.

*disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer....... I don't SERIOUSLY think so negatively of Tanner. This was my knee-jerk reaction to the event. Of course I don't really think he is the bastard spawn of Satan. When faced with a situation where you have the mose prescious being in your life in pain... well I'm surprised I didn't yell more. I know he is just being a normal kid. But I am allowed to vent about the whole situation.

February 18, 2006

Some Inspiration

Here are some of the fabrics I love that inspire Little Man's room. I'll be adding chocolate brown accents to the walls soon so that everything ties in a little better..

February 15, 2006

Yay! More Poop To Clean Up!! Happy Birthday To ME!

You ask for it, you got it... The one thing we definitely don't need, but I wanted anyway... Yep. For my big 2-6 Matt got me the rest of the necessities for my fish tank!! That turd had been saving his lunch "allowance" and eating Pop Tarts for over a month to get some extra fluff money set aside just for lil' old me. Pump and filter... Check. Bubbler, heater, thermometer, terra cotta pot, fake plants, gravel, PH tablets, Cichlid food... Check. Oh yeah. We had a brief moment of OH CRAP when we got the pump all cut and hooked up, filled it with water, and found a suspicious puddle of H2O near a flaw in the bamboo ( I tested that tank! I did! I did! Water-tight!! ) and emptied half of it before we figured out we'd just spilled some down the pump hose and it had puddled... better safe then sorry though! With any luck, we will soon have a few Plecostomus Fish in there testing the PH and a few New World Cichlids on order. I am SO excited! When ever we make a trip to Wal Mart, we take Raegan by the pet section and she gets SO excited looking at the fish. She giggles and squeals, rubs her fingers on the glass so the fish follow them... just has a GRAND time! We got this tank put together after she went to bed, so when she wakes up, she will have a fun water world to imagine with. This is SO cool.

AnyHoo.... Happy Birthday to Me!!


This morning we went to our local PetSmart to see if they had any African Cichlids in stock... and they DO!! SO, in preparation for the official TANK STOCKING next Thursday, we bought an algae eater and a few dither fish ( Neon Tetras... dither fish are stupid grouping fish that hang out in the middle of the tank and are spry and quick.. they calm the somewhat shy Cichlids and trick them into thinking that all is safe and sound.. otherwise why would they be all bold there in the middle? That way the Cichlids spend more time out in "public" socializing and less time hiding from dangers unknown). Our water, fresh from the "tap", has already been PH treated, and the filter is working MARVELOUSLY, thank you.. but it is all too CLEAN!! So we got these cheap, somewhat disposable fish to "dirty" up the water a little and make it more habitable for the REAL fish we want next week. I am SO excited!! Plus, we got our taxes done next week and should have the refund by next friday..... Paying off the line of credit!! YAY!! And buying Raegan some more socks. My god, that childs feet grow fast!

Names We Are NOT Using

The following have been VETO'd for one reason or another:
Just thought I'd keep you up to date!

February 13, 2006

Graco Aqua Bay

Here's the pattern that's the inspiration for the little Man's room. The pic I saw was in a magazine and you could see the colors more clearly, but you get the idea!

She's so silly.. she loves being in that Pac & Play. Posted by Picasa

The top of that dresser had to be re-finished completely anyway, so I figured I'd just sand it down and paint it to match.. it looks really cute in there! Posted by Picasa

Little Mans Domain

Well, I've finished painting the Little Man's room. The walls are Burnt Walnut color, and the North and South walls have stripes in Freshwater. The stripes are exactly two horizontal Dr.Suess books apart, and two vertical Dr.Suess books wide. 5 on each wall, with the first and 5th wrapping around the corner.
The theme in this room is simply a color theme. I'm going to make his Blankie and crib bumper/skirt myself, so it will be easy to kind of keep with the theme!I saw this bouncy seat by Graco that was a deep chocolate brown and bright teal pattern, and it looked SO fun! So I lightened up those colors considerably and painted them on the walls. The bumper will be a brown/teal-blue pattern with brown gimp, and his blankie will be Mocha Satin on one side and Mocha Fleece on the other, with blue blanket binding. I think that's all the farther I will take the color scheme. It seemed simple, boy-ish, and easy to adapt to whatever fancy I may have in the future. I'll be painting the changing table to match soon. Right now it looks a little nautical, with those two colors together.
So, that's what I've been tinkering with this last week!

Little Man's Room, all the painting is done.. the blue looks more teal in this picture then it is in real life. Posted by Picasa

February 09, 2006

Yes, I am a Bad Blogger.

I belong to the BB club, and as part of the membership, I can't post any more then once a week. ( occasionally, I will break all rules and post several times, but I was trying out this new membership thingie and didn't want to be kicked out too soon!)

Um.. What's happening here.....

Matt is cramming for his midterms. He is doing fabulous in all classes.... Except his online-home class. Apparently Raegan and I are just a bit too distracting. Will work on that for the next half of the term. Hey, I can't help it if I am more interesting then his text book! Perhaps if I just stopped talking to him while he tries to study?.....

Raegan is starting to assert her independence. This is a nice way of saying she has learned the joys of "Temper Tantrum" ( TT) complete with " Throw Self On Floor" (TSOF). Needless to say she is practicing her TT-TSOF several times a day. Did Mommie close the oven BEFORE you could put your hands in it?? TT-TSOF. Did she stop you from putting that puppy poo in your mouth when she missed that you picked it up in the first place? TT-TSOF ( and yes... That TSOF resulted in full bath and the throwing out of a perfectly nice shirt.... well not so nice as the TSOF happened AFTER she threw down the poo... ). I have to say, I'm not sure what exactly I can do about these episodes, so I am hoping she will shortly get bored of them when she learns that all she gains is a good view of the ceiling... As Mom just walks away when she does it.

Little Man ( LM) is going to be a football linebacker. Yes, imagine my surprise. He has decided the best time to practice his moves is around midnight... EVERY night. Raegan was SO much more polite! As a side note, he was 14oz at his 21 week ultrasound... and several of the mommies in my online forum group had previous sons that weighed around 12-13 oz at 20 weeks... and were around 10 POUNDS when born. Lets just say that information is not comforting.
I have changed my mind about LM's room, so we are no longer going with a farm theme, at least not as far as the decor goes... I'd probably get bored of it soon anyway.
I HAVE, however, painted the base color in his room, and hope to have the walls all done by Sunday. Until then, I'll say no more.

Chloe and Lola get threatened with a punting out the front door at least 10 times a day.... but I still love them, and Raegan has adopted them as her own personal doggies, so I couldn't do it anyway ( and who am I kidding.. I couldn't punt them if I tried. )

But the poo-inspired TT-TSOF incident doesn't help their cause.

February 02, 2006

21 week update

Total weight gained so far: 12 pounds ( much better then with Rae.. was up 18 by now)
Heartrate ( once we got him to hold still): 143
Blood Sugar: GOOD! No GD this time ( so far!)
Placenta is in front, doc says should move up as belly grows, so no conerns if emergency C-Section is needed.
BOY is measuring a full week ahead.. as far as ultrasound results go, anyway.


OK, we are so stumped. Honestly, NO idea. If I like one, Matt doesn't. Same for him. Neither of us have come up with anything that we LOVE. What we like together:

Grady ( I like more then Matt)
Kael ( Matt likes more then I... I really am drawn to 2 syllable names, although I love this for a middle name..)

And that's it. Those are just LIKEs! Sheesh. Will not worry though. Have 19 weeks or so to figure this out. But when I look back at old notes... we had 3 of our final 4 name choices for Raegan by this point..... and we need a name sooner rather then later so we can start to introduce Rae to her baby brother. That way, she kind of knows who he is when he comes home. He needs to be more then just "baby" as he isn't just a baby, but OUR baby. HER brother, Not going to be leaving any time soon..