January 29, 2006

A Name, A Name, What's in a Name?

OK. Names. Totally stumped. Really. Here's the problem... I had a girl name that I love. Crap. Can't call the little man by a girl name! ( Brynna
Here's the other problem.... Raegan is a GREAT name! But it hinders us from using many of the boy names we already like... For example, we love the name Rowen... But Raegan and Rowen?? I don't think so. We also like Duncan... Raegan and Duncan... still no go.
SO.. I am on the hunt. I need great Boy names.. original names, not weird names. I tend to like Irish/Scottish sounding names, but then again, Rowan is Austrailian.. and Bishop ( another name I like, but am not sure about) is what... British?
Davinie suggested Grady.. which has definately gone on my "Ooh I Like" list. It is not common, but it is not weird.. and it doesn't have any ugly knick names that I can think of. Here's some of the names we have previously considered, just so you know what we tend to like:

Kael ( Kay-L)
Balin ( Bay-Lin)
Lief ( Leaf)

So, some were discarded because I tend to like 2 syllable names. Some will go out because of the similarities to Raegans name. But you get the idea.....

ANYHOO... Any and all input will be welcomed!

January 25, 2006

Guess Who...

We had our BIG ularasound today.....
We have decided that we won't TELL people who we're having, we're going to make them guess. I bet you can't guess!! Can you Guess? I'll give you ONE guess... and if you're RIGHT... well you will have guessed right and can sleep soundly knowing how astute you are!

Little Guy is sucking his thumb.. AWWWW Posted by Picasa

January 22, 2006


OK, so THIS is the nursery set I have fallen in LOVE with... and of course, it is Pottery Barn Kids, so it is WAY out of our league. I think I will take inspiration from this set and make something that gives the same feel.... It could easily be made more boy or girl, and I am just totally in LOVE with the whole farm theme.... I mean, you look at all the other ones I've picked out.. ALL farm. I think it's because I'm nervous about the possibility of BOY... and I don't like trucks, sports, dinosaurs, bla bla bla. Farm can be BOY easily... and I like it too! Of course, if I can just be patient for a few more days, the possibility of BOY will either be confirmed or denied, so all over-thinking on my part can stop.. but have you MET me?? I over think everything. So for now I will obsess. It's what I do.

Why the stress about BOY?? Who knows. I wasn't at all nervous when learning about Ragan and about mothering her... but that could be because I had no idea what parenting was... what mothering really WAS... so there was really no starting point FOR nervousness. NOW, however, I have mothered. I have kissed, hugged, loved, diapered, cleaned, dressed.... GIRL. I know what to do with GIRL. I am familiar with GIRL. Comfortable with GIRL... so the thought of BOY... is scary. Will BOY be as great as GIRL? Will I love mothering BOY as much as I love mothering GIRL? I mean, I don't know anything about BOYs!! What if I mess up? Make a wrong decision? Yes, I KNOW Matt will be here too.. and he is BOY so duh... will have more clue then I.. but I will be spending 24 a day, 7 days a week.... the rest of my LIFE being Mother to BOY... which is a BIG job! No bigger a job then Mother to GIRL... but once again, I KNOW girl ( seeing as I am one).

And yet.. I meet these mothers of BOY... and they wouldn't change BOY for the world. They are, in fact, nervous about GIRL... Now isn't that odd?

But a part of me, a small quiet part of me... would absolutely LOVE a mini Matt. It's a good thing, either way. And it is perfectly OK to be nervous about that. Normal, I'm told. In just a few more days, we find out. Hopefully.... all I really want are 10 fingers, 10 toes, great heartrate, no 3rd arm ...that kind of thing. What happens below the belt stays below the belt... I mean after all..... That's just the place you put a diaper. Mothering, no matter if it is BOY or GIRL... is hard, stressful, rewarding, life altering work.

Bring It On.

January 17, 2006

Why we will no longer watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

A movie she has seen dozens of times before. She likes the songs, she likes the dancing.... but today, what she DOESN"T like.... what she is in fact terrified of.... the CHILD CATCHER. Bloody murder scream.. running into kitchen clutching her blankie... I pick her up, wondering what is wrong??? and she peeks out from under her blankie to stare at the TV.... lower lip pokes out... tears well up.. and another little whimper.

Worst .Mother. Ever.

January 06, 2006

17 week Update

Well, I went in for my 17 week checkup.... it was supposed to be a 15 week checkup but I forgot the first week and there was a power outage the next week.... so it became a 17 week one.
Baby Bean is doing great! Heartrate was right at 154. The little turd didn't want to hold still while I was there so we had to chase him around with the doppler to get a good reading.
Last night Matt and I lounged on the floor and felt for the first time an aerobic moment. Matt couldn't feel Rae till 18 weeks, so was surprised at how definate the "bumps" were this time. I was surprised to feel them at all ( on the outside) since there is so much more "padding" there then before. Maybe the roomier accomidations make for a heftier bambino?
I have gained a total of 9 pounds so far, which is better then I did with Raegan at this point ( funny how I am so much "fatter" this time though...). I am measuring a week ahead, which was expected. My due date is based on LMP, but we know that it is off by around 4 days.
I have set the appointment for my Level 2 Ultrasound.. hopefully this one is more cooperative then Raegan was and we can find out on the first visit! If not, I'll be paying out-of-pocket for another one. On, the price you pay for impatience......

I have the worlds ugliest cold. My head is full of fluids, most of which end up coming out of my nose. Not fun at all. Add to that Raegan finally getting some top teeth in and therefore not sleeping much, and you get quite the grumpy, frumpy mom. Yes, I haven't bathed. What's the point when I'll just be covered in mucus 10 minutes later... Mine or Raegans.

January 01, 2006

Happy 2006!

I planned to sleep the new years celebration away, as I have done for the last 2 years. Imagine my surprise to find myself up at 12:45 still watching Napoleon Dynamite and playing 3,5,7 to ring in the new year with buddies.. A last minute impromptu evening was thrown together, complete with a baked potatoe bar and 3 bottles of sparkling cider. Fun was had by all as the kiddies slept peacefully away. Neat idea! Will probably replicate next year, as TWO bambinos will make going out quite the joke of the evening.

Anyone have any resolutions they want to share? Mine:

By this time next year, I WILL weigh 125# or less. Definately. Much aerobic exercise will be had. Many gym memberships utilized. One Nazi exercise guru retained for those 5am workouts. Oh yeah, we're gonna make it this year.