December 25, 2011

Merry and Bright


From our family to yours!

December 24, 2011

Jolly And..

My kids, especially Raegan, waffle back and forth on weather or not they think the Man in Red is a real personality, or just pretend. They question everything, and my response is usually something like " well what do YOU think?" and "well I was told that.." just so they can make the choice to believe in the magic or not, themselves. Last night we finally made the trip out to Eagle Crest to see the Jolly Red himself, and those two couldn't be more cute. Kael was all bashful quietness ( Kael... QUIET!) as he handed over his written and illustrated Christmas list, mumbling and blushing the whole time. Totally adorable. Raegan quietly walked up to take her turn, but refused to make eye contact when she was close and peeking out of the corner of her eye at Santa while fidgeting. Seriously. My kids. ( Santa was totally awesome, with a quiet voice and kind hands, keeping his eyes on the camera nearly the whole time as I clicked away trying to get some sort of picture. And I'll tell you right now, Santa seemed like the kind of guy who would take all those letters home and read them with a twinkle in his eye.It made me smile thinking of him reading Raegan's awesome letter about her present-worthy status. )

We got in the car afterwards to take the annual drive around looking at the light displays and Kael let us all know that Santa's beard wasn't real, it was a fake beard. After a round of discussion it was decided that maybe Santa had a knot in his beard hair, or he'd got soup all over it, and had had to cut it off? And he was probably embarassed about having to shave & was wearing a pretend beard so that no one would know, and we should probably not say anything so as to not hurt his feelings.

Now firmly on the "maybe he IS real" train of thought, nothing could have sealed the deal like our loop back through the light display on our way out.

A small herd of deer had decided on an evening snack among the light displays, many of them *right there* close to the road ( like, 5 feet away, maybe) not at all bothered by the cars driving by. My children's eyes got huge, their jaws dropped, and it was decided that Santa's Reindeer were just taking a munchy break to get their energy back for the long flight home after Santa had spoken with all of the kids. The deer combined with the sleigh parked in the corner ( to collect the donated canned goods) was all it took.

The Fat Man is real. So we're running with the magic this year....

December 22, 2011

A small peeve vent:

This won't make much sense since I really don't post here often, so just go with it..
I've been eating right. I've been going to the gym. I've been working my arse off and I am crazy proud of myself for getting not only to my goal, but WAY past it in terms of weight. I've joined SO MANY fitness and motivational forums and websites, chatted and chatted again with trainers, etc.

The one thing they all say is " Give yourself an official goal! ( but make sure it's attainable)"

And to this I give the giant middle finger. That disclaimer? That "make sure it's attainable"? That right there is just an EXCUSE and permission to yourself to FAIL. To pussy foot around your responsibility to yourself to be the person you want to be, the person you deserve to be. A GOAL is something amazing and "perfect" to aim for. And I don't care WHO YOU ARE, if you want it and you CHANGE YOUR LIFE TO EARN IT then there isn't a goal out there that is unattainable. You pick yourself a GOAL.

It's the true finish line. It's the end of the journey from here to there. You don't make your goal something you're kind of sure you'll be able to do, what a puss move. If it's your GOAL, it's the end result you really WANT. It's not "go down two pant sizes" when in reality, you really need to go down five pant sizes. It isn't "lose twenty pounds" when you're seventy pounds overweight. When you set your GOAL, you pick what you REALLY want.

And THAT is what you aim for. And you don't stop working and working some more till you've gotten there.  Don't aim for what will just pacify you. Aim for what will make you wake up each and every morning just ecstatic to be alive, proud of who you are and proud of how you take care of yourself. Aim to open your closet and know that no matter what you pick you'll be comfortable, with no need to suck in or camouflage. THAT is the goal.  Not some pansy ass middle ground. Your goal should be amazing, not just satisfactory.
That is what makes it a GOAL.

Rant over. Also? I've set my goal, and I'm just stubborn enough to get there. Just you wait and see. 

December 12, 2011

Kael Snippet

Great big giant eyes, quivering lower lip...

"Mom? MOM!!??


I went poo...

but it DISAPPEARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


December 11, 2011

Busy Work

I'm OBSESSED with long dangly earrings now that I'm sporting "boy hair".. whatcha' think?
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December 09, 2011

My beautiful little elf

My little Rae. If ever I need a reminder about what true goodness is, I look at my Rae. I am so amazingly lucky to have this beautiful soul as my daughter. If ever I need uplifted, my Rae is there. I'm sad that she feels that is her job, but I'm just humbled that she is so selfless and beautiful inside that she happily puts herself in that place. 

December 03, 2011

Crafty Day

Pom-Pom swags...

Smooches under the mistletoe...

colors everywhere...

It was a crafty day around here! And oh lordy look out, I finally got a GLUE GUN!! Pinterest, here I come!!
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December 01, 2011

I cut my hair. Said I would if I ever got back to a tiny weight, I looked damn hawt in my early 20's with crazy short hair, so I did it.
 It looks just horrifyingly terrible. Also, not the best way to learn you need Rogaine. I don't want to talk about it.

Where's a great place to shop for hats?

Just one small step..

Love this. Love. It's just one small step in the right direction... but think of how fast we could cross the finish line if we ALL took one step.