May 31, 2005

Raegan took her first taste of a Dill Pickle at Davinies house.... and.... Posted by Hello

Whooo... She LIKES that PICKLE! Posted by Hello

Raegans first car! Posted by Hello

May 27, 2005

Food for thought

Aparently, when you have no BETTER place to put it, Cheeze belongs in your bellybutton.

Just so you know.

May 24, 2005

Flappy & Friend.. Life in a Shrinking World

Alas, I knew this time would come, but I'm fighting tooth and nail to extend it.
My baby Rae is weaning herself.
I NEVER thought I would have an attachment to breastfeeding. In fact, I always saw myself as a bottle mama. But, Raegan isn't the cuddliest of bambinos, and the only time I can count on getting a snuggle with her is when she's breastfeeding. Apparently the view of my armpit isn't as stimulating to her as she thought it would be, so she's demanding more and more to have her dinner in a Playtex, thankyouverymuch. As of today, the only time I can count on is her EARLY morning breakfast. She wakes around 5 and I get in a good cuddle-meal, and she goes off to sleep again for another 2.5 hours. She will only share a bed time snack with me if she's REALLY tired. ( I will guiltily admit to keeping her up late some times just so I get that cuddle. Manipulative, I know.)
I had NO idea when I started this that her " rejection " would hurt so much.
Yes, I know, I know, this isn't a rejection. She's growing up, noticing her surroundings, and like a good sponge she wants to soak it all up, and that's hard to do when Mama is smothering her to her chest blocking the view.
Next week I go in to the WIC office, and they are setting me up with a hospital grade breast pump to see if we can at least get good food in her tummy. It is a dim hope, as so far all attempts to pump have been failures. I just can't relax enough.
It may be too late, anyway.
The ladies are taking a hiatus. Many of my bras are now a little baggy. Both of my breasts are now a little saggy. And all of that formula is a little gaggy! ( Although licking it up off the floor makes Lola's tail pretty waggy)
OK, enough of that. Nothing else has "aggy" on the end of it, anyway.
So, I'm seeing an end to this stage in Motherhood. It seems so weird to be saying that. I feel like she is still so new!
But, I'm seeing a beginning to many other great stages.
So, I'll flop the ladies back in some pre-preg pretties, maybe reward them with something new and lacy to live in, and go on with my life. I'd better.. Raegan is getting ahead of me....

Raegan likes her new pool! Not quite warm enough for water in the pool yet, but she likes sitting on the squisy bottom and playing with her toys where the pups can't get to them! Posted by Hello

Fun in the Sun!! Posted by Hello

May 23, 2005

Raegan finally decided it would be acceptable to show off her toofs. You can see the one is mostly up now, and the other is REALLY close to being above the skin...She is the cutest thing out there with that toof. She tests everything she comes into contact with on that toof, scratching toys and fingers alike. She's growing so fast! Posted by Hello

See it? Posted by Hello

May 21, 2005

A Moment to Clarify, if you Please....

Do not be confused by the content of many of my posts. I am not a pervert, nor do I make it a point to scour the internet for pornographic thingies ( shut up Francis). It is quite simply that I find my naughty bits to be, well, a little bit silly. And silly things amuse me. So, I share my silly findings with you. If I offend.. well sorry. stop reading. If , however, you ALSO find your naughty bits to be silly, then giggle away. I will continue to dutifully amuse myself ( and hopefully, you) with my findings.

This inspires me to query my readers: What is the silliest thing you have ever shared with a complete stranger?

Here's one from me: When our Family Doctor met with me for the first time after my positive pee stick, she quietly asked if I knew my date of conception ( she knew that I was obsessed with makin' a baby, so figured I would have tracked this type of thing). Well, we had kind of given up at that point, so I had no idea. Well, nervous gal that I was about the whole situation, I treated this kind stranger with a LONG narrative about all the sexual encounters Hubby and I had had over the last month. Once you get me started, I just can't seem to stop. Silly Sabrina. Date of last period would have sufficed. Couldn't look at her without blushing for the next 3 months. Matt actually went to a different doc after that.

May 17, 2005

oh joy.

So, Raegan's sick. AND she has thrush. really great fun. my poor wee one has a hurt mouth, dtuffed up nose, sore throat ( well it must be sore, with all the coughing she's doing), and irritated toofs, and has no idea why she feels so miserable. great. this is the worst thing ever.

On a positive note, she HAS found her boogers, and she seems to enjoy them.


May 14, 2005

Oh the POWER of the A.B.C. song

It's the funniest thing... almost without fail, if Raegan is upset or restless, all Mama has to do is sing the A.B.C. song, and she calms right down. I've probably sung that song a million times over the last few months, sometimes over and over for HOURS.

Today, in her bath, Raegan discovered the joy of bubble raspberries. I held up a cup for her to take a sip out of, as usual, and she got that water over her lip and just started blowing away!! She giggled and giggled! We must have blown bubbles for a good 10 minutes, she never got tired of it.
Silly Girl.

well THAT'S interesting...

So, I think my darling sweet girl has THRUSH. Not sure, and it will take some monitering, but she has some little white stuff in her mouth.. I thought is was spit up or milk curd ( which it could still be) but she seems to have it all the time, although not in great quantity. doesn't look at all like the pictures, but it sure matches the description! Except.... there isn't much of it, it doesn't seem to hurt her, I sure don't have anything on me, and there is no real reason for her to have developed it.... Off to the doc on Monday. Fun fun.

May 13, 2005

Like A Poke in the Eye With A Sharp Dirty Stick...

Alyca has a secret and she won't tell me. I haven't been able to sleep. I have a thing for secrets. Even the smallest, stupidest secret holds a perverse fascination for me. OK, I'm sure I spelled that wrong, but you get the idea. And, contrary ( another funny spelled word ) to popular belief, I CAN keep a secret. I have many in my collection. BUT, If I know something, like what you're getting for Christmas, ( not technically not a secret, just something not generally revealed) DO NOT ask me what it is UNLESS you WANT to KNOW!! I WILL TELL YOU.
Come On, Alyca.. tell me the secret
You KNOW you want to...

On a serious note...

Last night at 10:45, Frances' father, Douglas Martin Dean passed away after a long hard fight with Cancer. I'm sure Frances could use some warm thoughts right now, so please take a moment to go to her blog: and leave her a positive comment. Hard times right now. A funny joke, neat story, etc would all be welcomed..just leave as a comment on her latest blog post.

OK, back to the silliness.....

May 12, 2005

Too much information.

Well HELLO Aunt Flo
What a tease. cramp cramp cramp.... and nothing.

May 11, 2005


Well FINALLY! Today, after 3 days if irratibility, Raegan finally revealed her first tooth!! Now granted, it's not above the gum line yet, but you can SEE a TOOTH in my girls MOUTH!! I will post a picture as soon as she lets me poke around in there with the camera. It may be a while.

On a side note, Alyca gets an A+ for her scrapbook assignment. She turned in THREE pages on her family.. be sure to go to her blog and check them out. No, the funny cartoon does not count towards her total.

I'd like to invite Davinie to make the next assignment. We all need encouragement to make our pages. Maybe something with the title "I didn't know.." we could have a lot of fun with that! But, It's Davinie's call this time as she has a demanding wee one so her time is FULL.

Keep your eye peeled for our tooth pictures!!

May 09, 2005

Homework.. usually something I hate.

OK, here is the family page I got done.. I had another picture picked out, but I didn't have the proper paper for that one, so I did this picture instead. I think it turned out OK! couldprobably use some more embellishments somewhere, but I was at a loss as to what and where... Posted by Hello

May 02, 2005

Oh Yeah??. Well MY daughtor's Psychic!

I NEVER fails. Literally EVERY time I leave for the evening, Raegan wakes up crying. EVERY TIME. I put her to bed.. she is sleeping peacfully. I go to Francis' house. I come home, and Matt is up caring for our SCREAMING baby. WHY, OH WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?? I can stay home every night for a month, and Raegan stays asleep after I put her down, at most waking up at 3ish for another feeding. But OH NO, if I LEAVE the house, she KNOWS, and it makes her MAD. IT'S JUST NOT FAIR!! (insert whiny voice here)
Luckily, Matt is GREAT about it, even though he has to get up at 2am to go to work.


OH hay, wanna know the crappy thing? I get home, and she's sleeping sweetly within the hour.
REALLY not fair to Matt.

Go figure.......

May 01, 2005

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...

OK ladies, here's your homework, Due no later then Monday, the 9th...

12X12 Scrapbook layout

1 photo ( or one collage of photos if 1 single photo isn't available)

Title: Family
I'm in a scrapbook rut, so making an assignment helps me get off my tush and do it. The challange is to take a single photo and make a whole page dedicated to that moment in time.. my problem is going to be getting the puppies in there somewhere. I think maybe I'll just cut them out of other pictures and paste them on a family photo I already have. We'll see. (Good luck, Alyca, getting the kitties to hold still for a picture!) In the end, if we need to have more then 1 photo on the page so that our whole family is represented, then so be it.
I'll be checking your Blogs on Monday night.....
Hopefully I'll see your newest " Family" page posted!