April 29, 2009



I know, I know, her face is dirty and her hair desperately needs combed. But I can't take time to focus on those things because oh my gawd. When did Raegan become a girl? I mean, not a little girl, but an actual big grown up kid kind of girl? She just looks.......... well she sure isn't my little baby any more, is she? Beautiful.
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April 26, 2009

Useless Knowledge

A man’s brain is only 2 percent of his body weight, while a woman’s brain makes up 2.5 percent of her body weight, a full 25 percent more.

I use my 25% to come up with fancy and interesting ways to complain.

Up and Down

Good: Muppet has no clue that boy dogs are supposed to lift their leg to potty.

Bad: He regularly pees on his front feet.

Good: Four more days till VEGAS!!

Bad: 104* fever, migraine, just took last codeine in the house.

Good: My kids love the Smurfs!

Bad: Daddy thought it would be a good idea to fill three DVD's with various episodes and set them to play one right after the other. La la lalala la, I'm going to rip my own head off.

Good: I got a blog post written today!

Bad: Dang, I'm kind of whiny, huh?

April 24, 2009

Lets Share, Shall We?

Mine: I am modest. On a long trip over the frozen pass, cars lined up for miles through the empty desolate mountain road because of the ice and snow. I have to pee. I really really have to pee. There are 10 foot snow drifts on either side of the road making our path a narrow walled in one, so there's no pulling over to go into the woods, not that that would have been possible because the standing snow on the ground was at least 5 feet deep. We were traveling in spurts, the line of cars would move ahead 30-40 feet, then stop for a few minutes, then move again. OMG did I have to pee!!!!! My mother was traveling with me in the passenger seat, my husband sitting in the back seat of my pickup. No chance of filling up a soda can. It finally came to the point where I didn't have a choice. I HAD to pee. NOW. So as soon as my line of cars stopped I hopped out and went to the front of my pickup, hidden between the front of mine and the back of the car stopped in front of me. And wouldn't you know it. I picked the ONE time that traffic would actually begin to move. The car in front of me started driving away. Like... away. And just my luck, a large pack of vehicles coming the other direction finally got through! So I'm squatting in front of the truck peeing, SO MUCH PEE that there is no way pinching it off could possibly happen. Cars behind me are starting to honk because WHY wasn't I driving forward? and I'm red-face-shamed peeing while a good 40 cars drive right by me going the other direction. In the middle of the day. An eye full for everyone.

Most. Embarrassing. Moment. Ever.

OK, your turn!

April 20, 2009

Emotional Ball of Goo

I do NOT know why. I have seen this clip a handfull of times over the last few weeks, and I really can NOT underatand my reaction to it.
Brings a smile to my heart and tears to my eye, an odd response to be sure. But it makes me happy, so I thought I'd share anyway!.

April 18, 2009

Snow Angels

An awesome online buddy of mine shipped me a package today, full of fun toys for the kids to play with.... but the biggest hit? The packing peanuts!! Thank you so much, Christina!!!
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April 13, 2009

Whoa Nelly, Davinie Don't Read!

My son just peed in my daughters sippy cup, then dumped said curdled-pee loveliness on her bedroom floor.

Laughing maniacally the whole time.


April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Blurry eyed first thing this morning, we all got up early so that we could color eggs with Daddy before he left for work. Next year I'll definitely boil at least two cartons of eggs, one just wasn't enough for how much fun we had! And a tip for other parents out there. Before coloring the eggs, take some Vaseline or bag balm, etc. and coat your child's fingernails/cuticles. No dye will stick to that grease, so clean tidy hands for picture time are guaranteed! Do try to keep it off of their finger pad as any of it that gets on the eggs will cause a no-dye spot.. but then again that might just make coloring them that much more fun! Ooh! Next year... q-tips and bag balm instead of white crayons!
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April 11, 2009

A Blurry Morning

The only shot out of the 97 taken that isn't blurry. Not even a great capture! I think I'm going to retire my 50/fixed lense for those moments when the things I'm shooting are holding still.. and maybe invest in the telephoto I've had my eye on...

This morning we went to the Redmond City Easter Egg "Hunt" which was the biggest joke of an egg hunt I've ever seen. They roped the street off in sections by age, dumped a box of plastic candy filled eggs, had a countdown, and the race was on! HUNDREDS of kids ( and parents, some really pushy) rushed into the middle of the street to "hunt" for their eggs. It was insane. And unsafe. Pushing and shoving, scared crying kids... Kael ended up with one egg. One. Raegan got a few more and Morgan lucked out with half a basket full, which she was sweet enough to share with Kael. It was all over and the street clean in less then a minute. It was kind of scary for a minute there because Rae got swallowed by the crowd and I lost her. Luckily she kept close to Morgan who kept close to Davinie, so she wasn't really lost, but she was half a block down by the time I found her. We won't be going again next year.

Luckily, we have the annual Fiero family Easter Bash to go to tomorrow... a REAL hunt!
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April 10, 2009

Daddy Does

Who fixes Raegans hair for tap class?
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Papa Visits

We don't see them often, so it was a fun treat for the kids when Papa and GramCynthia came to visit.

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April 09, 2009

Well Crap.

I think my plecostomus is eating the guppies. The guppies that my children have lovingly named and doted over. Shark Boy only has half a tail & isn't looking so good and Ella is at this moment upside down caught in the fake plants. Must remove later.

Crap. What do I do? Wait for them to be picked off one by one, explaining over and over to my kids about missing fish? Take the guppies to a pet store and trade for a hearty goldfish or something? Flush that pleco?


April 04, 2009


Please note the hand painted illustration of Raegan, by Raegan , as a gift to "our new fish friends" so that they can "learn who [she is] and some day maybe catch a ball!"

It also serves to hide the air pump.


Gotta love rewards programs! We'd spent enough on dog food and haircuts at Petco to earn ourselves a bit of a reward, and since all the necessities were already covered I took a page from Jennifers book and got the kids some fish! A tiny self-contained aquarium, four guppies and a plecostomus & we're set for hours of giggle fun! The black and dark orange one are Shark Boy and Lava Girl ( one guess on what Rae's current favorite movie is..) The blue one is Ella, and the other orange/pink one is Stanley ( that one is "mine".) The Pleco was named by Kael, UckyDucky.

Silly toodle.

Tripping Down Memory Lane; A Long and Winding Road

Me. I must be two or three here. My fashion sense is a wee bit more developed now, but I'd still carry that purse in a heartbeat. Also? Loving the moon boots. Very fancy.

A year or so later. I'm pretty sure this is in Hawaii. Fancy bangs I'm sporting there.

Second grade. I'm the little league kiddo with the massive facial wound. Totally chic'. Also? That hat is a complete winner; a home run.

Third grade. My bestest friend ever, Jodie Henry. We were stuck together like glue from second grade through the fourth, despite her moving to Sunriver and me moving to Crane at the beginning of the year. Also, she was in the TAG program starting third grade. Her smarts made me insanely jealous. But I understand why I didn't make it in. I mean really; Look at those bangs across the front 3/4ths of my head. Not a big sign of intelligence.

I'm ten or so here. We had recently moved in to our house in Crane, Oregon. This is in the hills behind the house, that was our dog Cinnamon. A Cockapoo who was shortly after attacked and killed by our step fathers Great Pyrenees because she got too close to his food bowl. Safe family dog, that one.

Sophomore year in high school. JV cheer leading, I was the head cheerleader. There were two of us. Not quite the accomplishment it sounds like, huh?

Junior year. Cross country. Man, what a stupid idea that was. Granted, I was in the best shape of my life because of it but ohmygawd. I HATE running. HATE. So what the hell was I thinking of to sign up to regularly run 3.1 miles?
Senior year. Me goofing off with my friends. I'm the sloppy looking one on the left. I have to say though, I'm pretty proud of how self confident I was then. Not afraid to wear what I felt comfy in, even if it wasn't attractive. Those three girls and the one taking the picture were the only girls in my class, I spent fourth grade on through graduation with the same little pile of girls. I remember them fondly, but I spent the better part of last night reading through my 7th,8th and 9th grade journal and now realize that we really weren't very good friends, there just weren't any other options in our teeny tiny town. Sweet.

Senior year high school prom. First pic is me with my darling husband while he was exploring his full-head-of-hair/oddly-dyed-goatee period. This beats the crap out of the pic from the year previous when he had a half-and-half do' of shocking orange and white up top, and no goatee. Second pic is of me and my wee little brother, the freshman. Whoa nelly, does he look young! Also? I would kill to fit in that dress again.

I was 20 here. That is me in my wedding dress. I purchased it, then ended up storing it for more then a year as our wedding date got pushed back. Imagine the panic when, a year later, I try it on a short 4 weeks before the wedding and it's TIGHT. Am very much proud of how fast I lost those few pounds. Went from too tight to maybe a little bit loose in 4 weeks. If only I still had that self control..........

Just over a year later, May 2001. This is the day after we got married in Vegas. Again, would kill for that figure. Isn't it sweet how you don't appreciate what you have till it's gone? Those pants were a size three. THREE. It would take three pair of those same said pants to cover our current love-handle-butt-thigh body.

OK now I'm depressed.

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