March 30, 2006

Morgans first good look. Posted by Picasa

Welcome to the world, Payton! Posted by Picasa

7 pounds 7 ounces.... big girl! Posted by Picasa

Happy Mama Posted by Picasa

Morgan greets her sister Posted by Picasa

Family Posted by Picasa

Payton Jayne Fiero

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Payton Jayne Fiero, 7 pounds, 6(?) oz was born via c-section today to the Fiero family at 36 weeks gestation. So far, she is doing well, having some trouble controlling her blood sugar level, but nothing major. Morgan will be staying with me for a few days till Mama and Daddy and Payton are ready to come home.

Welcome to the family, Payton!

Will post photos of my beautiful new niece ASAP~!

March 29, 2006

Yep. Huge. And I'm not talking about the belly...;-) Posted by Picasa

18 Months and Counting

Raegans 18 nonth checkup was today. Such a big girl! 24 pounds, 4oz. She is 32 inches tall. SO, still in the 50th percentile, with a slightly larger head (60th%)( all the better to think with!) Posted by Picasa

We've tricked her into thinking this is just fun nekkid time. Little does she know. Posted by Picasa

Where we tell her she's getting a shot.

 Posted by Picasa

She's examining the ear-light tool to make sure it is safe to shove in her ear... which is funny because she aparently thinks Cheerios are OK in your ear, so why she would question this.........? Posted by Picasa


THE SHOT ( DTaP)... poor baby. We decided to wait on the Chicken Pox vaccine till she is 4 or so and Hep A indefinately. Need to do more research, and am assured that getting the shot at 2+ is not a bad idea. She was more upset at being held down then by the shot.. I'm singing the ABC song... not working. Posted by Picasa

I didn't realize they put that WHOLE needle in her leg! OUCH! Posted by Picasa

After... she took it like a trooper, only upset for a minute. Posted by Picasa

March 24, 2006

Childrens Museum ( Alyca's Photos)

Just a few pictures of the fun we had at the Childrens Museum in Portland. Raegan LOVED the water exhibit! She was a little short for most of it, but the parts she could reach she played with thoroughally! Plus, you've GOT to love her in that adorable little smock. How CUTE is that??? I may go out and purchase one just so she can wear it around and I can say "SMOCK" all day because, be honest, SMOCK is one of the funnest words ever. That and FOIL.

March 22, 2006

What Career?

Is it just me or is Central Oregon freakishly expensive? Not "wow, that milk is fifty cents more here" kind of expensive... but "Oh my freaking God, that house just sold for $100K more then it did 6 months ago!!" kind of expensive. Um, Yeah. Does not encourage happy thoughts for the future of a renter in the area.
Because of this disgusting rise in value ( yeah, kicking myself hard in the dimpled area for selling that little house 3 years ago) we have come to the uncomfortable conclusion that we can either be renters forever or we can move on when the time comes. Since the odds of me giving in and renting for more then a few years more are about as good as my odds of winning the Powerball and buying in the area... I think we'll be moving on. As soon as Matt finishes school, we will search out gainful employment in a more economically friendly area... and ONCE AGAIN pick up and move. Great. I hear Washington calling.
After our recent visit to the Childrens Museum in Portland, I realized that I miss the city. I LOVED being able to take my little lady there to play.. she had SO much fun! If we still lived in Gig Harbor, we would no doubt have a season pass to the zoo and childrens museum up there. Raegan would be exposed to so much! As it is now, I get one day off with her to play. Where do you go for neat educational experiences in Central Oregon? The activity place in the local Old Mill district is disappointing to say the least. When it warms up there are parks a-plenty.... It's just that lately, with the cold weather, we end up being VERY redneck and going to Fred Meyer Superstore or Wal Mart where we let Raegan run willy-nilly around the clothes racks, playing peek-a-boo out of the mens sweat pants display. She LOVES it, and it is kind of funny seeing her giggle and run carrying a package of Speedo briefs she managed to snag off a shelf... but what is she learning from this (other then stores are a great place to play.. Which I'm thinking isn't the best lesson to learn...) How is this enriching her? How is this benefiting her? I'm thinking it isn't. It seems, in Central Oregon, that unless you have a group of similarly situated friends to bond and play with, there isn't much to offer the budding toddler group. Since we have a habit of moving ( yeah..I'd say 11 moves in 8 years would constitute a habit) we have a hard time bonding and making friends. Now, with our current lifestyle, it is even harder. Limited income, one vehicle, full schedules with that vehicle... Leaves very little time and money with which to cultivate a hobby, etc. that might produce deep friendships. Not complaining, as I'd rather spend all of my time with Matt and Raegan anyway. Matt is my best friend, and Raegan is my obsession. Just pointing out how that can limit one's activities.
Anyway ( see how I ramble??) this means that I will not be pursuing a Real Estate career in Oregon after all. Here, there are so many "spoons" in the "pot" that only full time dedicated RE agents will get ahead.. and they DO get ahead. But I have a family to think about. I'd rather be money poor and family rich any day. Having a parent raise our children is very important to us. That means that I can't "afford" to be the full-time all out Real Estate agent that is required in this area till Little Man is ready for school. It's just too expensive to maintain an active license, with all the fees and dues required, unless you are going all out. I've quit school, received a partial refund for courses not completed ( Which is crap. I'd have to take ALL clock hour courses over if I wanted to pursue this in future. It is an all-or-none kind of thing.) and am planning to just sit on the idea till we FINALLY decide what the heck our LONG TERM plan is. Right now... Only plan... Matt finishes school. Check. Getting good grades, learning lots. Then.. Matt uses education to find employment in larger community where home ownership is a possibility ( probably back to Gig Harbor. I like it there.) The rest is up in the air.
You'd think I'd be used to this by now.