May 28, 2008

How To Encourage Sleep

This video ends abruptly when Kael decided to do a jump-sit directly on to Matts face. That would be 35+ pounds of little boy driving an undeniably moist diaper bottom; Onto. Matts. Face.

Funniest dang thing I've ever seen. Matt disagrees.

May 25, 2008

All Things New

Having a newborn in the house again is quite the experience. There are things that you forget about young babies... the smell. The crying all night. The random twitchiness. The constant need to stop your children from squashing that young'un.
So when we were told we could bring Azul home on Friday, I just wasn't as prepared as I should have been.
First: Kittens do NOT hold still. At all. Ever. Unless they are passed out.
Second: The smell that a cat can produce from it's rear is the WORST smell ever recorded. Want to clear a room? Cat fart.
Third: Crying. All. Night. She's alone for the first time, and must weep about it. I can't blame her but I'd really like her to shut up, if that's not too much to ask. How did we resolve that issue? She's in bed with us now. Not a peep for 9 hours straight. We'll wean her from our bed later, right now I just want to sleep. Plus it's kind of cute to see her curled up under Matts chin. Oh, Matt. She has "chosen" him. He is the MAN, apparently. I already knew that, but it's nice to have the feline validation.

So anyway, things have been exciting around here these last few days! Not ONE good picture ( see point #1) but I'm sure eventually she'll freak herself out enough to hold still for a picture. Until then, a snapshot of the last 48 hours:

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May 19, 2008

Wrong Camera Setting

But OH my goodness did the kidlets have FUN in the sprinklers this afternoon! Made an absolute mess of our little yard! Worth the dead grass and marshland though. The giggles... there is no way to accurately document the happy that is my childrens' giggles. And belly laughs!!! It was a fun afternoon!
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May 16, 2008

Hose That

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Drake, Darling!

We took advantage of being "in town" visiting Azul to make a quick trip to Drake Park. The park was stunning today; everything was in bloom. Also today was the first real "summer" day this year, with temperatures getting close to the 90's, which meant that our visit was cut short by hot cranky nap-deprived children. But the half hour that we were there was awesome. We demonstrated our rebellious side by again feeding the ducks and geese ( breaking the law! breaking the law!) and took a little walk along the riverfront catching a cool breeze. It was a fun morning!
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Azul, 9 Weeks

Our visit with Miss. Azul this week was as chaotic as usual. She is growing so quickly, I can't believe in a few short days we get to bring her home. The 28th is the magic homecoming day, but the kids won't know she's here for a good week after. We plan to sneak her in and hide her in our bedroom for a few days to give her time to adjust to being away from mama, and get used to all the noise and chaos here in our home before unleashing the wrath of the children on her. Her transition will be easier as we will be babysitting her sister Tilly for a few days at the same time, so both kitties will come home with Tilly leaving on Friday. It will be fun having both of them! Tilly is a super sweet little thing and seriously, if it were at all budget-able, we'd snatch her as well and keep both of them. As it is we plan to enjoy the two ( in secret!) while we can.
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May 15, 2008

Stick THAT in your Yurt and Smoke It

Well I did it. On a total impulse, after a fit of jealousy when visiting Jen's blog, I went on over to the Oregon State Parks website and booked my family on an official summer vacation....... Yurting! We've never been to the Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, but it looks peaceful and lovely, and it's only a hop, skip and a jump from the Oregon Coast, which is beautiful no matter where you go. Yah, it's not all the fancy fun that the central/northern coast may be with Seaside and all it's activities, but for us, and for our first real vacation alone away from home, this seems like the perfect place. I am totally excited in a completely third grader kind of way. Sandcastles! Canoe-ing! Nature hikes and getting dirty! But with a SHOWER! Camping is fun but we don't have "camping" kind of kids. Sleep in a tent? Fire???!!! Kael would have us burnt to a crisp in no time. Or just himself, anyway. And resorts/timeshares/full service hotels can get pretty expensive. What an awesome compromise! Staying outside, but being inside! So if you're looking for us end of June, look to the west! We're "roughing it" in a Yurt by the sea!

May 11, 2008

A Day For Mama

To all the Mom's, past present and future. Moms by choice and Moms by chance, Moms of children, furry or not. To every woman or man out there who plays that all important roll of "Mother" in the life of another, have a wonderful day. The world appreciates you.

May 05, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Raegan decided to get all fancy with her makeup this morning as she had a full audience. Matt stayed home from work sick and we got to spend out 7th anniversary boogering with each other, sick as dogs. And I made steak for dinner. Which neither of us felt like eating, but Kael appreciated. I would have taken a picture but he inhaled it before we could get the camera out.
I hate being sick.
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