March 31, 2008

Toy Plug!

They call it the Rody. And it. Is. Awesome.

You remember those bouncy balls when you were a kid? Hippity Hops? Well think that, only way funner and age appropriate for 2-3-4 year olds. We took a trip to Leapin' Lizards, possibly our most favoritest toy store EVAH, and found one for Kael a few months ago. He's been abusing it ever since. Well the lovely Miss. Payton had her second birthday coming up, and it was just so right that we get her a little Rody of her own. Which was promptly violated before delivery. ANYWAY, consider it endorsed. An awesome bouncy toy that wears out your kids so thoroughly that they will happily take their two hour nap with no complaints and has the additional value of looking really cute standing in the corner. Just don't get two of them. They're rowdy!
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She Plays

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A Boy. A Ball. The park. Again.

Uses his WHOLE body to throw..
Even his tongue.
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March 25, 2008

Park. Again. This time with FRIENDS!

My sun turtleneck for the camera slipped.. I giggle! ( so do they)

How dang cute are these ladies??
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March 12, 2008

A Soft Comfy Place

Rest softly, Grandjack. You were deeply loved and will be deeply missed. Save a seat for me in that pain free place in the sky, I wanna' sit right by you when I get there. And don't worry, I'll teach Kael the secret handshake.

Love you forever,
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March 04, 2008

Welcome and Congrats. Please

Please head on over and welcome little Georgia into the Smoochy family. Georgia's big brother has almost the same birthday as Kael, so it really is neat to see a wee little man like mine become a big brother!

HUGE Congrats, and Welcome Home!

March 03, 2008


Well things are interesting around here as of late. We have some exciting developments in the work department which may lead to some exciting developments in the housing department. The kids are literal weeds. Today Kael got some new shoes. Size 10. That would be TEN. Granted, they are a little big on him, but not so big he can't run around like a crazy person. Holy cheesecake, Batman, those are some big feet!! But they fit him. He has been able to climb out of his crib for months now. A tiny fight at first with several reminders that it was SLEEP TIME.. but really an easy argument to win. Well today, on a whim, I decided to take his crib apart and convert it into a toddler bed. Just.... because. And today, also on a whim, Kael decided to sleep in it without a fuss. Also, just because. This was... unexpected. And awesome. You will remember with Raegan that we fought. For like a month. She would cry herself to sleep every night, we had to empty her room of literally everything but her mattress, and even then more then half the time I'd find her sleeping in her closet or behind the door. Broke my heart. Kael? Not so much. Bed? for sleeping. Naps? Necessary. Night-night time? A must ( as long as a warm bottle accompanies it..) So it was a natural progression today to just do away with that bothersome crib and jump quite happily into a toddler bed. Naptime? Couldn't have been smoother. Bedtime? Not a peep. Mama? Floored. Had ice cream to celebrate. Kael is a very different child then Raegan was. He is VERY strong willed, VERY independent. Things are very black and white with him. If he doesn't want to do something ( or does want to) it is a fight to the emotional death to get him to change his mind. So deciding, without a fight, that this bed would be acceptable? A big deal. One less fight.
Dealing with a toddler makes me appreciate my kid all the more. Raegan is... awesome. I love this age. LOVE. IT. She is smart, outgoing, eager to please... I mean don't get me wrong, she can be a total (sweet, adorable) arsehole some times.. as can all 3 year olds. But for the most part she charms the socks right off of me all day. She is SO excited about school, which she attends 2X a week. She LOVES her teacher ( which brings me huge goobery feelings of comfort) and is just SO thrilled about each and every thing that happens in class. She is recognising letters and has started asking what letters start different words, at random. It is so fun! She is also really getting in to using her imagination. Yesterday she turned Matts sock into a puppet. All on her own. Cutest. Thing. Ever. I promptly redeemed an gift certificate for a puppet family set. I can't WAIT to put on little puppet shows with her! To hear what her little mind comes up with next!
Both kids are anxious for summer.. as am I! I'm ready for easy outings with sandals and t-shirts. For fun in the sun and adventure outside without the whole frostbite nonsense. It is warming up quite a bit, I have to say, and we have started back with our park adventures.. I just hope the trend continues!
I've been going to the gym for a little over a month now. I go at least 3 days a week, but usually 5. LOTS of cardio, and a moderate amount of weights. I have to say, I'm shocked at myself. I hate working out. Hate it. Then, on my second day, Matt loaned me his MP3 player. Lordy. That made all the difference in the world. ALL. This will come as a shock to those of you that know me, so sit down. Ready? I love it. I'll say it again because your brains are probably rejecting that previous sentence as false; I LOVE IT. Those 30 minutes on the elliptical machine are some of the funnest, most rewarding in all ways 30 minutes I could get. It's me time in every way. And come minute 18, when I've got the resistance set to 10, when my legs are burning as is my face ( I don't sweat? what the crumpets is up with that?) and my I-Pod switches to Global Deejays ( One Night in Bangkok Club Remix Listen to it. You'll love it. Or there's something wrong with you. ) I could not be happier. I have NEVER enjoyed huffing and puffing. Never. But when that sound comes out, loud, in my ears? Push. I love it. Muscles screaming, lungs pumping. I've never felt so purely alive. I haven't seen a big difference; my arms might be a bit tighter, my belly a bit firmer, my fingers definitely thinner; but I FEEL awesome. Like I haven't felt in a LONG time. It's a huge pain in the arse to get myself to that gym, but MAN is it worth it. I am so thrilled to have that outlet!
Now get off the floor. Those of you that knew me during my sad, sad cross-country running days of high school know how incredible this revelation is. I hate exercising.
Well, I used to, anyway.

March 02, 2008

Big Lady "R"

Stunning little girl... horrifying sun glare ( anyone have a lense recommendation??)
Tree hugger.
Static fun!
OMG, not a slide, not a slide!!! ( but.. how are you supposed to play on those things??)
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The "K" Man

Man. Sun in my eye.
Yesss!! KILLED that slide!
Don't touch! I can do it! ( bound and determined to go accross the monkey bars)
Cutest. Boy. Evah!
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