September 30, 2008

Raegans Party; In Pictures

Lets hope this slide show actually works... I was trying to get all the pictures edited and loaded and lost the bunch, so I'm trying out the new video loader from Picasa to see if we can just get the whole party on that way! Good luck!

*Looks like all the images showed up, but dang the quality took a hit! Oh well, it gives you an idea!

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September 29, 2008


Raegan LOVES cards. She saved all of those that she got at her party in a little box and has been showing them to me all day since. She can recognise her written name so I think she just gets a kick out of seeing it written on something fun, just for her!
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Party Craftiness

Before they got too sugared up the kids did a quick birthday party craft! YAY for foam hats and the easiest ten minutes ever!!
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The Cake: A Fondant Mess

I tried my hand at fondant for Raegans fourth birthday cake this year. The pink is marshmallow fondant I made myself, the yellow green and white is store bought fondant I dyed. Tip for those considering: make your own. Real fondant tastes like poo-souffle. Like... Crisco mixed with powdered sugar. Not so tasty. I spent hours the night before kneading out the fondant, rolling them perfectly flat, cutting out my shapes, "gluing" them together... Then I slipped all of my cake toppers into a freezer bag and stored them in the oven so that the kids couldn't mess with them on the counter Sunday morning before the party.
But I am a huge doofus and forgot I'd put them in there, even though I made both a mental note AND a real one to myself reminding me that they were indeed in the hot box. So when I set the oven to pre-heat to make the cupcakes it took me a good 5 minutes to remember that my hours of slavery the night before were in peril. The Gods of sugary goodness must have been looking down on me when I pulled them out and found that the fondant hadn't completely melted into a puddle and the shapes were preservable for appropriate and eye-catching cake topping later on. Otherwise I may have made the news with the first fondant inspired Harri-Cari attempt.

Oh, and did you notice? Did you? Because it wasn't till we were lighting those candles to place the cake on the table for the grand finale' blow out that I, the MOTHER of the child, noticed that I have only THREE candles on her FOURTH birthday cake! THREE! But don't distress, a fourth was added post-haste and my child was indeed allowed by fate to turn the big oh-four.
Which she has done with much finesse and class, if I do say so myself!

Summer Is Fading Fast

They were havng bark chip "Dinner". Raegan was their server then started slacking on the job and sat down to join them!

Some Incredibly Painful Cuteness For You

Your welcome!
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September 23, 2008

Smarty Pants

Raegan wakes up at 6:30 and wanders in to my room.
"No Raegan, it's not time to get up. Go back and look at your clock, you need to stay in your bed or room until the first number is an EIGHT, ok?"

"OK," and she sleepily wanders back in to her room......

Only to appear at my bedside a minute later.

"OK Mama, my clock is at an eight now! Time to get up!"

That little booger had gone in and changed the time on her clock. Turd.

September 11, 2008

Car Wash

Told you I was the best mother ever. This is SO proof. See? See the love??
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Raegan started Tap Dance class on Wednesday, and gets to share the class with cousin Morgan! She had SO much fun and has been counting off the days till the next class. her favorite parts were, of course, the wall of mirrors and the tambourines.

I hope to get some better pictures next time!
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September 02, 2008

Drake Initiation

Jumping over cracks.

Setting a bad example, lol! Hand feeding the geese!

I LOVE this set of steps. They are so neat to photograph!

Our out of town friend Petter came to visit so of course we had to take him to Drake park! The kids had a blast showing him how to feed the ducks and Raegan has found herself a new Prince, she was glued to his side his entire visit.

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