December 26, 2006

Big Sigh

Well we've done it.. gone and signed a rental contract on a home in Bend! 3 bed 2 bath with a YARD for the DOGS! YIPEE!! Couldn't be more happy with how things are turning out... the only down side is it's location ... Bend... will cut back on quality cousin time, and Morgan is quite possibly Raegans favorite person. She asks, every time we get in the car, if we're going to go see Mo-gan? Fun? ( of course, she asks if Steve uses the potty just about every time she sits the pot-pot as well...) but I'm sure we can schedule some fun time for we ladies this spring and summer at Drake Park, which is near our new home! So in two weeks or so I'll be frantically packing and hauling over to Bend. This is, of course, only AFTER I have painted our new dwelling! The owner is an artist and had planned to re-paint most of the interior before renting it out, but she said she'd defer ALL of the deposit if I wanted to paint it myself.. whatever colors I choose! YAY for painting fun! ( anyone feel like painting on a Wednesday afternoon, the only day I have childcare ( Matt) for the wee ones?)

So. Good things happened today... several good things... and I feel.............. Blessed.

December 25, 2006


Got some scrapping done this Christmas Break, whick is a good thing since I got a bunch MORE scrappin' stuff to use now!

December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing you all the best of days this Christmas day! Hug your family, call your friends, and know that I am thinking of you;

Mom, Papa, Cynthia, Davinie, Steve, Morgan, Payton, Alyca, Ethan, Shadow, Boo, Jobie, TyLeigh, Grammie, Grandjack, Aunt Ardena, Uncle Daryl, Katika, Crystal, Uncle Andy, Kim, Cody, Uncle Joe, Uncle Greg, Aunt Neila, Jack, Scott, Jennifer, Douglas, Dakota, Jackson, April, Tanner, Beane, Steve, Adam, Kelly, Will, Frances, Branden, Corbin, Donna, Alexsandra, Pete, Mari, Milton, Mom, Jerry, Jason, Kate, Cohen, Ashlan, Riley, Leila, Geoff, Heidi, Anthony, Callista, Deanna, Daniel, Dustin, baby, Annie, Mike, Ava, Noah, Ari and each and every other person who has made a difference to our family this past year.

We love you and appreciate all that you do!

Smile Today

Merry Christmas Eve!

December 20, 2006

Fingers Crossed

Frantic searching on my part has left us with no home for the dogs but a promising duplex for us. It's 3 blocks from here, 2 bed 2 bath with a yard.. and we can afford it. Bonus that the owner pays water/sewer/garbage. While I am SAD that we won't be keeping the dogs with us, I am hopeful that I can find a family member to watch them for a year till we can either BUY ( yes God, please let us be in a position to buy...) or RENT some place long term and get them back. Worst case scenario I'll contact the Dachshund Rescue League and place the girls together in a new home through them. Sad, sad sad. I love my fur babies, but the living alternatives that I've found that will allow us to keep them are just not acceptable, ie. One bedroom shanties, apartments with no washer/dryer hookups, that kind of thing. Tomorrow we contact the rental company and start the paperwork. I'm gonna try an additional deposit scenario to see if they'll allow the pups, but I doubt it will work. I still have to try!

Fingers Crossed!

December 18, 2006


Tag Journaling reads:
Raegan actually is in this picture, she's just throwing a tantrum at Santas feet. That left you all alone in the Santa Seat.

December 15, 2006

December 13, 2006

6 monthy-months

19 pounds 8 ounces ( 6 ounces heavier then Raegan at 1 year)

26 inches ( one inch smaller then Rae at 1 year)

Doc referred to him as a "big brute" the whole visit which makes me giggle a little.

4 shots

New nurses fresh from school; shots weren't as speedy as a mom would hope they'd be.

December 03, 2006

Good Dog

Stayed like that so he could poke and pull to his little hearts content for 10 minutes.
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Bathy Seaty

We got ourselves a brand spankin' new sitty up seat for Kael and that little guy LOVES it! A whole new world of splashin bubbles just opened up for him, and he did NOT want to get out when bath time was over.
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Desperate housewives is on tonight. Matt doesn't really want to watch so I guess I'll have to watch it all by my very little lonesome. ( insert overly-dramatic sigh here)

In other news, Raegan now says Damn It AND Shit with pathetic regluarity. I stub my toe, she picks up a new phrase....... sigh.


Mouth open wide, one hand with a fist full of hair and the other wrapped around my kneck; you pull my face near and squish your little body as close to mine as you can get. You're giving me baby kisses, wet warm baby kisses, and I love you for it.
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