November 29, 2008


Grambonn sure was enjoying Kael's nap time when she came to visit! She and Raegan baked up a storm, sugar cookies for everyone!! They made a HUGE mess........ and had so much fun no one minded in the least! It was fun to see the two of them playing together, and Raegan sure didn't mind working with all of that cookie dough!
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November 21, 2008

Wha'chu Talkin' 'bout?

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She's Decided

Rae will no longer be allowing the Mommie-Trim. She's growing out her bangs, which means lots of headbands and barrettes for us! It will be a pain, but she's so danged cute that it's worth it if only for the camera goof that she becomes showing off her "new big hairs".
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Car, Meet Deer

Well Wednesday was exciting. On the way to school, on the highway, Matt was introduced to a large Mule Deer buck. It was quite the "handshake", let me tell you! Luckily he's fine, and that's all that matters. Also, am I the only one who thinks it looks like he's got some big bloomers hanging out of his dash and steering wheel? How... awkward!
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November 14, 2008


Well today we collected acorns, and Muppet got a haircut! I shot a good 200 pics of the kids at the park, many of them I was sure would be incredible. When I got home to download them I found that my memory card wasn't in the camera but rather still in the computer from the last download. Bah Humbug. So I snapped a few quick ( off center) shots before running Mr. Mup in to the hair salon.. pics of his new fab do' tomorrow!

Total side note; Raegan is addicted to tights these days, and I LOVE her cooky pairings! It is fun seeing her develop her own personal style.

Hallelujah: The End Is Neigh

This must mean the world will explode soon.

Gas? Nearly under two dollars?

Where is my tinfoil hat??

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November 10, 2008

Indulge Me...


November 08, 2008

Belated: Happy Halloween!

Had my camera on the wrong dang setting so got very few pics that you can actually see... but the kids had a blast! First we trick-or-treated around our little neighborhood, which the kids LOVED. I don't think they really realized that it was candy being put in to their buckets though.... and it was a wee bit tricky keeping Kael from dashing into the various houses that opened their doors. After local candy-gathering we went in to town and to the Trinity Lutheran church for their annual festival! Kida games galore, our two little rats managed to more then fill thier buckets, AND have a blast doing it. Bean bag toss, putt-putt, fishing... there were tons of fun things for them to do, and they did them all! It is so fun seeing them grow up and actually get the fun of this holiday.... I just can't wait for Christmas!!!

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