January 26, 2009

A Weekend With the Ladies

Franay's fancy new 'do

A better shot of my new hair!

Last Thursday I packed up the kids, snatched my buddy Kari and her son, then made the trek over the mountains to Franays house. Oh, the fun we had!!! The kids weren't as horribly behaved as I'd imagined, the company was incredible, and the play was even more son. Dang do I miss my Frances and the times shared with her! Kari and I were going through withdrawls so had to make the trip... next time it's your turn, Frances!

Oh! There was a bat! In the house! Sometime near midnight a crackling on the blinds interrupted our Gilmore Girls movie-fest and alerted us to a wee little visitor in the house. The fantastic Miss Kari ( and her sauce pan) saved us.

Actually we threw a blanket over it and she carefully hauled it's screaming little body outside to go play with the other wee little creepies. But still! A bat!

January 21, 2009

New Hair Up There!


A good eight inches shorter and several shades darker, today I'm a new ME with a new head of hair! FINALLY cut off the last of that aweful perm, fixed my color back to natural, and VOILA. Gawd, that feels good! Nothing better on a bla day then getting your hair all fixed up!
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January 15, 2009

Want to Feel Really Great for a Minute?

I know this made MY day when I was pointed to it online..........

January 04, 2009

The Mob Squad

Goofy Squinty. No idea why.

"Give Up the Cheerios or someone gets hurt...."


"Ok yah, I really was kidding."

Matt has been really great about picking up the camera and snapping candids of the kids lately. I was downloading another batch of pics and found these snapped in the middle! How fun!

January 02, 2009

Raegan and Kael, Big Kids

On December 29th two beautiful little girls, Ava and Amelia, were added to our extended family when our friend Petter became a father to twins. Raegan and Kael were SO excited to get to visit with the girls in the hospital, having spent the last 38 weeks learning about them while I grew them. Kael was especially soft and caring.. in that first pic of him he's a little red-faced with sympathy cries when little Amelia started to fuss. They both just wanted to *soft* the girls faces and hold their hands.. it was such a sweet introduction!
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