November 30, 2010


In the wee hours of the morning on November 29th, 2010, after a whirlwind labor, the world was blessed with the arrival of Dax Vincent Weathers. I was blessed to be able to witness his awesome mama birth him.

My cup runneth over.
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November 27, 2010

Starlight, 2010

Gah my kids love a parade. LOVE. We sat a little too close to the fron this year, though, because the candy throwers weren't reserving for the end at ALL... and they FILLED UP the backpack. With candy. That of course they want to eat rightnowmomyou'resomean.
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I do NOT understand my son. He is just so....much. He can be an absolute joy one second, and a shrieking banshee the next. We can all be happily sitting down to a show together one minute, and then out of no where he'll chuck a toy at Raegans head. Not for any particular reason, it's like he gets bored and wants to spice things up. I'm totally at a loss.

November 19, 2010


Love that Kael and Matt have this totally weird interest in comic books, and that Kael knows the names and backgrounds of a giant pile of them. Mom is clueless, of course, so Kael saves this fascination for sharing with Daddy. Cuuuute.

November 16, 2010

'dem babies

What is it about learning about someone else's pregnancy that make me want to all of a sudden be their best friend? And what do I do about this? I am just so in *love* with pregnancy, so in *love* with pregnant women, so in *love* with the idea of bringing a new life into this world.. What IS that? I have a very thin connection on Face-Book with a childhood friend who is soon to be a new father. I haven't seen or spoken to him since I was 13, we kind of reconnected online as "friends" and I enjoy hearing about his daily life, and then BOOM. The pregnancy announcement. Now all of a sudden I want to be his wife's best buddy and I stalk her pregnancy photos and get excited about talking babies with the daddy-to-be ( not that he has asked, it's all in my head!). Which is crazy-stalker because not only have I never met her, but I've never even online-met this poor gal. See?! Crazy stalker. And now I've learned that a family member is also expecting. I want to be her BEST. FRIEND. I want to support and nurture and help her walk down this path of pregnancy with joy. I want to see her empower herself through growing and birthing her child. This family member and I aren't close, we aren't buddies, we don't hang out or anything... But now all of a sudden I'm stalking her.

It's creepy.

What IS IT with me and growing babies?!! And where do I put this passion? Being a Doula seems the obvious choice, but even that doesn't take it far enough....... Where do I go with this?

Is it just me?

Whatcha' Doin?

Thanks a lot, DAVINIE.

By Suzanne Collins

SOMEONE asked for an audio book for a long drive, which I started, which turned in to downloading the whole series to read on my Nook, which led to three days where I got *nothing* done, and now that I'm finished reading it I'm floundering. LOVED these books! Bummed that it isn't a ten book series, or something. Must find something equally awesome to read!

So.... What are you reading?

November 15, 2010

Hollow Leg

I'm not sure how he does it, but Kael just ate THREE hot dogs, TWO cheese sticks, and TWO yogurts for lunch. And a big glass of orange juice. WHERE is he putting it?? These were full man sized hot dogs. We're up to needing TWO boxes of mac-n-cheese when it's requested, Kael can eat almost an entire box all on his own. Don't even get me started on his chimichanga count...
I am terrified of my grocery bill in two years. Is this a boy thing??

**update** make that THREE yogurts. And he's asking for an apple now. Which he got.

A little testy-poo

Lets see if this works....

I noticed that I never blog. But I do have an insane amount of Face*Book posts. So here's a test... Maybe I can get back in to blogging, something I love, if I just cut back on the Face*Booking? Maybe? So from now on when I want to status update, I will instead e-mail in a bit of a blog comment. To encourage me and prove that I do have a reader or two who randomly checks in on me, you will comment on my useless drivel. Maybe some day a real blog post will come out? Perhaps?

Lets see...........