November 16, 2010

Whatcha' Doin?

Thanks a lot, DAVINIE.

By Suzanne Collins

SOMEONE asked for an audio book for a long drive, which I started, which turned in to downloading the whole series to read on my Nook, which led to three days where I got *nothing* done, and now that I'm finished reading it I'm floundering. LOVED these books! Bummed that it isn't a ten book series, or something. Must find something equally awesome to read!

So.... What are you reading?


alyca said...

Davinie forced me to buy the Hunger Games trilogy pack in Costco on Monday.

But I am not allowed to read them until I finish the Harry Potter books again. I am on book 6 now...

Sarah V said...

I am in love with the Hunger Games books, so good!