August 24, 2008

Quote of the Day

Kael, post bath:
"Mommy! My fingers are hotdogs!!!!!"
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We're Gonna Miss You, Buddy

We've known Corbin for almost six years and he has become my childrens' best friend. Raegan calls him "her Prince" and we all love him to pieces. Corbin and his family will be moving next weekend and we are all pretty sad, he has become a part of our family and we will miss him ( and the rest of his family!)
Have fun on your new adventure, Corb. And don't forget about us!
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Totally Random

Just so that Alyca can see how tall they've gotten! He's just a hair shorter, although he still has those toddler proportions while she's somewhat thin and leggy now.
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August 22, 2008

Oh Yah, the Kids Got Their Bikes

Bad crop/zoom, CUTE little girl!
No matter what I do, his helmet does that.

They LOVE the bikes. Kael was awkward for the first few days but then it just *clicked* and now he rides like a pro. They've got steering and peddling down pat, so all we need to work on is the balance...and I have an idea for that one, too....
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Happy Friday

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August 18, 2008

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Strangely Patient

I can't touch her without being attacked, but the kids can put their little hands all over Azul and she just sucks it up and takes it. They love her, and I suspect she may be somewhat fond of them, as well!

August 13, 2008

Well Crap. Now I Really Am One Of Those Moms.

First, I have just cost our family hundreds of dollars a year. And I couldn't be more satisfied. How? We will never. Ever. Shop in Wal*Mart again. Why? Because each and every gol-damned time we go in I end up with *that* cashier. You know the one; reads the labels of every item in the cart, discusses it with the person buying it, fumbles with the bags, and in general takes a good 10 times longer to do her job then a normally competent person would. Except at Wal*Mart? They are ALL *that* cashier. Do they not NOTICE the line of ten people standing there waiting??!! Today? I stood in line for TWENTY MINUTES. For Sunny Delight. And a rug. A full cart unloaded in front of me, a full cart unloaded behind me. Stuck. The stupid two dollars I saved shopping there is NOT WORTH IT. There are plenty of other super centers to shop at, I will never waste my time or money at that worthless establishment again.

And now the ugly part.

First; We've finished up our usual visit with the half dead ( or all dead) fish and are wandering into the garden department. This is when Raegan spies an extra round little boy, probably 9 or 10 years of age. This is also where Raegan, my darling princess, announces at the top of her lungs "Oh wow!! That boy has a really big tummy!!"
I. Am mortified. And shamed.
That poor child kind of teared up and ran away. I have never felt so low in my life. I instantly jumped on Raegan about how that was mean and how her words had really hurt that boys feelings! And how we just don't say those things about other people! And she, sensitive soul that she is, promptly fell apart, crying and wailing in shame. Ten minutes. That's how long it took me to calm her down. We walked around the store trying to find the little fellow to apologise but never did.

Second; We've been in line for a while, ( please note the twenty minute reference above. For juice. ) and the kids are starting to be somewhat... bored... in the line. Ok they were total terrors. Brat brat brat brat brat. Scream. Yell. Grab and throw things. Raegan snatches and opens all over the place a bag of skittles. Kael.. holds still while I clean them up. This is when I notice the wet. places. everywhere. Kael has decided to occupy his time by spitting. For distance. At other peoples food/other people/his sister/ his mother. He got one warning. "Kael, spitting is bad. We do NOT spit. You spit one more time and I will have to spank you." And I turned with my purse wet-wipe to apologise to everyone around me.
And then he spit. On me.
And I hauled his contrary little arse out of the cart and spanked him. Right there in the checkout line at Wal*Mart. I kind of had to, doing anything else would have excused the spitting which is definately NOT okay. And I actually said, as I plopped his wailing butt back in the cart; "Thanks. You've officially made me into one of those mothers, " which caused the slow as molasses checker to actually chuckle. She chuckled at me. Are. You. Kidding. You blue haired inept biddy. Go back to the greeter door and be of some use to society, because your "Welcome to Wal*Mart" is all you're really qualified to do.

We are all lucky to be alive. The cashier had the "no" button pushed on the automatic "was your cashier friendly" question at the pay pad. Kael, still wailing, got buried under the juice. Raegan got the stink eye when she started reaching for his hair to pull. And I had to be extra extra careful not to kill us all on the drive home, I was so peeved at our experience.

A day in the life. I can NOT wait for bedtime.

August 07, 2008

Thrilled; Slightly Less Thrilled

Raegan: Loves the sprinkler and is a water fairy princess.

Kael: Loves the idea of the sprinkler and is a water scrooge when actually getting wet.
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We got a new-to-us recliner as this pregnancy heartburn is KICKING my arse.. and I came down at sparrows fart this morning with Kael to see that Raegan had snuck down in the wee hours and claimed it for herself. Silly girl!

And she kept it! Quack-quack seat-back!
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Miss Azul is Feeling Better

Eye Nose and Ear boogers are really starting to clear up and this cat has all of the sudden developed SUCh a personality! I feel so aweful, she must have felt just horrible before. I'm trying to negotiate with the breeder now to cover all her vet bills. If that can happen we will be keeping her. If not, we will be returning her AND requesting the vet bills, with small claims if necessary.
As a silly side note; I totally regret not naming her Stella. That is such the perfect name for her, it fits her true not-sick personality so completely! But the kids call her Azul, and getting them to change that would be difficult. So Azul it is. Dang. Should have gone with my gut!
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August 02, 2008

Portable Shaddow, After the Sunburn

They begged for these umbrellas the whole time we were there, but it wasn't till we were leaving that I was willing to get them. Who wants to pack around stuff the whole time? And since they are too big for a stroller, packing stuff around is the only option.... unless you buy it on your way out!!
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The Fair; It Is In My Mouth

This was my favorite part; introducing them to all of the really bad for you goodness that only comes with the Fair. We ate lunch, then got one of everything in the dessert section. They loved the caramel apple best, which just warms the frigid cockles of my heart as that is MY favorite one too!!
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