October 30, 2007

Not at a Park

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The Carnage Will Have to Wait, We Will Humiliate the Whole Genus First.

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October 29, 2007

Again at the Patch for Some Pumpkin Pickin'.

Because we are the coolest parents evah we took the young and privileged Merritt children BACK to the pumpkin patch to choose their perfect example of pumpkin goodness to hack open and disembowel. Then eat. After sitting in their carcass.
What can I say. We're a fun family.
Hmmmm... How to sit in the wagon..........?
Like this?
Or perhaps.....
Like This??
( Raegan tests this pose as well. Votes "NO")
Kael disregards Raegans vote.
But chooses to compromise anyway.
Kael is so impatient. He picks the first pumpkin he sees and attempts to load it in the wagon.

Daddy and Raegan discuss the various options.
I do nothing. But see! I was there!
A perfect specimen is chosen.

Kael performs the "sit" test and declares this pumpkin a "go".
Raegan concurs with her own choice.
Much excitement ensues.
Posing for the perfect pumpkin patch pictures is voted out.
Pictures of pumpkin perfection ( as viewed by toddlers the world over because duh.. they are big.) are loaded, as are the expert judges, and home we went!
Soon! Pumpkin art! And goo! Stay tuned.....

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October 24, 2007

October 22, 2007

Quip; True Story

So we took our weekly pilgrimage to Wally World today, loaded the cart up with perishables, then announced to the public local that we HAD TO GO PEE AND POOP. Ok that was Raegan doing all of the announcing, but still. The pee and the poop; it must happen.

So I park my cart in an empty check-out and, with 33 pound son on one hip and feces-full and squirming daughter holding a hand, head over to the restrooms. We are turning the corner to enter the much desired room when a thousand year old curmudgeon bars our way with his mop.

"Bathrooms are closed. No one goes in." blabs the crotchety old janitor.
"Um, well, can we use the Mens' room?"
"No. Mens' rooms are for men. You'll have to wait. " the crusty, ill-tempered fart continues.

" Ok. Well, you can mop while we use the potty in the ladies room or you can mop her pee right here off of this floor. Your choice. She's three and can't hold it."

He let us in.

I never manage a quip. I stutter and leave. This was awesome and quite a first for me.

October 21, 2007


Our visit to the pumpkin patch this year was a blast! Alas, camera battery started dying so pics=crap.

We rode the safari train, watched the pumpkin cannons, rode the ponies, pet and scared the crap out of ALL the innocent animals in the petting zoo ( Kael has NO fear! he was SO excited about the goats.. screaming GOAT GOAT GOAT and running up to them to "pat" (hit) with enthusiasm.. then he'd crouch down and try his damnedest to make eye contact with the wee little pony.. gawd that kid is cute.) , walked the plank on the pirate ship, and goofed off on the pumpkins.

Of course, Kael found some random obscure chair and decided that is the coolest thing in the area so sat there forever while we played around him.

Yes, horrible picture. But it's the only one I got of him with the animals as the rest of that visit was spent trying to get his fingers out of their eyes or stop him from yanking on their ears or poking them in the butt ( the pigs... apparently their butts are fascinating).

Raegan on the pony. All by herself! I so have to find me a pony to put her on all the time! She was a good little rider.

It took some convincing but Raegan finally, happily "walked the plank" and was tossed down by her daddy. This pic is actually of the THIRD time she demanded to be tossed down!

We spent a few minutes in our costumes.. Here's a sneak peak at what Halloween has in store! Kael is either a very cunning hunter ( the draft horses LOVED it and kept trying to eat his feet) or.. cooked cabbage? Seaweed? The creature from the black lagoon? Only time will tell......

A tiny peek at one of Raegans tu-tu's. It was pretty windy and cold so none of the costumes performed up to expectations, but the kids had fun so who cares how it came out on film!

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