February 18, 2013

Ta DAH!!! After

New wood floors installed, chairrail completed

That? Is NOT wallpaper! It's fabric adhered to the wall with a simple cornstarch glue. To change out the fabric and get an instant room makeover just run a damp sponge over the fabric surface and peel it right off. Simple, clean, and doesn't harm the wall under at all.
Closer view of that fabric and a peek at the top cupboards when they were in their "eye burning black cherry" phase. That was fun...

Loud, but fun!  

I LOVE my computer armoire!

Also a big fan of the new pendant lights rather than that gawd aweful standard hallogen light.

My faucet. I am in serious lust with this faucet.

Matt found that fantastic little radio/cd player for a steal at goodwill, and the giant EAT letters are actually a faux finish cardboard!

The drawer pulls and door knobs make a GIANT difference in how these cupboards feel. Love them!

And that's it! The plum accent wall is a true plum, it comes across more brown in these photos. It;s loud, cluttered, noisy, and bold... so these rooms fit in quite nicely with the family.
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Kitchen Dining Nonsense

The original kitchen/dining before I began messing with it..

later on "before" I put in the new flooring, after the chair rail, etc. 

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February 14, 2013

Cute Kids & A Hairy Dog

Things have been headless-chicken crazy around here. I'm back in school full time PLUS Saturdays, have started working ( server) again, and have barely two seconds to rub together.. that makes no sense and I just don't have the energy to care.

Kids are doing awesome. Growing so fast I can't believe it.
They are slowly growing into their personalities and, when I'm home to enjoy them, I am really loving the little people they are becoming. Raegan is reading fluently and is addicted to honest-to-gawd chapter books with no pictures ( gasp!!) and Kael is tumbling close behind her, catching on to this whole reading nonsense faster than I'd anticipated.

Muppet is still a hairy annoying beast of a baby and refuses to grow up. Love him anyway. Stella is still.. Stella. How could you not love that face??