June 30, 2008

What $140 in Hoodies Looks Like ( and some stinky sea lions)

It was cold on the coast. Cold. We were prepared for hot. The result? Budget bust and we all got some new comfy warm hoodies, which we wore all the time for the rest of the vacation and therefore became a good investment. Especially since I bought the kids' a good 5 sizes too large so they can wear them when we come back next year!

The brown you see on the rocks down by the waves? Sea Lions. Know what they sound like? Go throw up in an empty toilet. Or have a horrifying acid burp. That's what they sound like.

Kael was just confused that we didn't see any whales. The sea lions didn't hold much appeal till we got down to the cave and could smell them. Then he just remarked over and over in the nice echo-ing cave that the seal had poopd. We should change it's diaper. It was stinky poop. Their faces upon first smelling said stinky poo when we reached the cave..

Windy or no, it was a beautiful day!! Bottom line, we had fun at the Sea Lion caves, but spend entirely too much money doing it. The price of admission wasn't too horrifying ( $10 per adult and $6 for kids ( Kael was free)) but for what you end up seeing.. inside the cave there is a 6 foot by 5 foot chain-linked opening that you can peek through to see into the HUGE cave that the sea lions are in. And it is stinky and crowded. Kind of a downer. We had a better time playing at the viewing area above, in the fresh air. But you gotta pay to get to that viewing area, so in the end it is a wash. We'll probably do it again but next time, we'll skip the gift shop and just bring appropriate clothing!

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Yurting; Like Camping, Only Better

Our porch and view
The beds
The kitchen and TV, with large bathroom behind.
The view from the bench on our porch.. see the lake?
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June 26, 2008


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Goggle This

Practicing for when we go to the beach! I think they're ready.
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June 21, 2008


So I'm sitting here surfing when all of the sudden two pounds of flying naked cat and claws lands on my HEAD, y'all.
On. My. Head.
Little turd took a flying leap from the dining table a good 5 feet away and, with the precision of a Shangri-La Chinese Acrobat landed directly on TOP of my head, balanced herself, and settled in for a good snoop at what I was surfing.

Oh, and one reason I hate kittens ( that I'd previously forgotten...)? Their need to attack anything that moves. Including eyelids that may or may not be twitching ever so slightly at around 3am on a Friday morning.

There are so many other things I could add to that list ( eating plants, stealing all of my hair ties, climbing my legs weather or not I'm wearing pants, the need to have her body exactly where I'm planning to put my foot on each and every step up and down the stairs, etc.) but I keep reminding myself that kittens actually do eventually turn into CATS, which I am very fond of. So this too shall pass.
Some day I'll post updated pics. Right now I'm disinfecting numerous thigh scratches from a certain someone who is pretty damn sure she should be joining my lap for every computer adventure, so they will have to wait.

June 15, 2008

Happy Fathrs Day!

To all the daddies out there, past present and future; Happy Fathers Day. The difference a daddy can make in the life of his child is enormous, so keep it up! Your children love you!

I love you to pieces for being the father that you are, Matt. Never change. We love you, and hope you have a happy day!
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June 09, 2008

Little Man; Growing Up

My little man turned two on the eighth of this month. Two. Two years ago, he made his life intentions perfectly clear when he barged into this world at full speed ahead. He hasn't slowed down since. Believe me when I say that it perfectly explains why this post is more then a week after his party on the 1st.
My wee little Moose, Kael has become quite the man about the house. And CUTE!! He's constantly making me laugh. Basketball hoops have become "soccer-holes". He's grasped Mom's put-off tactics and reminds me regularly that "Some day we'll have some cake, OK? Some day!" He's a fabulous little helper and is the first to help clean up or put something away if I've asked properly. He has "Please" and" Thank You" down pat and uses them regularly, even if it is to scream at me" MORE warm milk PLEASE!!!!" from the top of his lungs. He is also the craftiest, sneakiest, smartest little booger I've ever come across. There is NO child-safety anything that he can't open. We've turned all door locks inside out and he still manages to find tools to unlock them from the outside. He can and does climb everything with much glee and cheering from the top, be it the kitchen table or the counter top. He has Raegan completely figured out and the two of them take turns blaming their crimes on each other, not that it works because when in doubt, both kids get in trouble. Which they don't seem to mind because hey, at least they are together, right? He insists on a goodnight book, big hug, little hug, and kiss, and always, always, always shares the sweetest "I love you, Mommie" before going to sleep. He melts my heart even as he tries my patience, and I wouldn't change a thing about him. He's my little man, growing up right in front of my eyes. Happy Birthday Kael. Your Mama loves you!

It was a Harley Davidson cake. Kael is completely obsessed with motorcycles and bikes now-days. But having a Harley cake... it just seemed disloyal. So we changed it to a Red Soul cake. And it was gooooooood.

Waiting patiently for his presents. What you can't see is the little bopping dance he was doing while he waited.
Spider Man. This silly doll sings an equally silly song that I've been listening to Kael mimic for MONTHS. It came out before Christmas last year and we regularly pushed the button when we went to a store that had one to listen to it. Kael= obsessed with all things Spiderman. He also got some shoes and a sippy cup with spidey. Age appropriate icon? Not so much. But it sings "if you're happy and you know it, spin a web". And who wouldn't want to spin a web??!!
It's a noise maker, but Raegan decided it was called a "trouble maker". So that's what they are. Forever. Because that's stinkin' funny.

A little man and his curly straw; the love affair. ( We still have that straw. He insists we use it during dinner-water. )

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June 02, 2008

Swingin' In The Rain

We're trying to get to the park more, I swear we are! Now if it would just. stop. RAINING!!!
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