October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Kael got his Pirate duds from Grambonn and Raegan was the creator of her own costume this year... Her first not a princess. I LOVED them both! A million pictures of Kael because with that makeup on he didn't look like himself at ALL, and a million pictures of Raegan because she was just so pleased with herself over her kitty cat costume! Made a thrifty and calculated decision to skip buying the kids those stoooopid Halloween buckets and instead purchased the less expensive ( and double the size, lol) MOP buckets on sale! Total hit with the kids, they got to decorate them to their hearts content and they had a giant bucket to fill with candy tonight.. And oh did they fill it! My buddy Kari and I took the kids around down town, to the fire station for their festivities, and through a neighborhood or two before we went back home for some ( somewhat) healthy dinner ( hotdogs. And cheese. Half a banana... That's healthy, right?) while we waited for Matt to come home. Once dad got here, our little family went out around our local neighborhood and loaded up AGAIN with candy! Came home for a quick Skype with Grambonn before stuffing ourselves silly with candy before bed time. That's my Halloween rule... You want candy? You eat candy. You eat all the candy you can handle, then a few pieces more. Because after bed time all that candy will be in the garbage, there is no more candy consumed AFTER Halloween. It works for us, and limits the pounds of unhealthy junk we store in the house.  A blast was had by all, a totally fun Halloween~!

WHOOPSIE doodle!

Just realized I didn't put Raegan's seventh Birthday pictures up!!! I'm a total crap parent... For Raegan's 7th birthday what she got from me was......... Four teeth pulled. SORRY BABE! The good news is she thought it was totally awesome ( after she was done being scared and crying.... Crap mom crap mom crap mom....) and she also requested Mexican for dinner. Every time she ate a chip with her toothless mouth my stomach did a weird little burblflutter. ANYWAY, my wee sweet baby is SEVEN now. That's....... Clearly not toddler age. How  the heck................

October 29, 2011

An Ode' to my Breakfast Pants

An Ode' to my Breakfast Pants: though my thighs you may sausage and my bottom you pancake, I'll wear you with all that I've got. For though I am squeezed just as tight as you can make, my calfs touch but my thighs, they do not.

October 22, 2011

October 10, 2011

For Discussion!

So... If you have children, do they ever see you naked? Do you have rules about nudity in your home?

Discuss!! ( here, not on FB, lol!)

October 01, 2011

We Interrupt this Broadcast..

of random and sporadic family posting to give myself a little bit of a shout out and pat on the back. Some narcissism, if you will.

I've worked my arse off for that. Gym time and SUPER careful with what I eat. I never never thought I'd see that number on a scale. The plan is to put a good 5 back on, but in muscle. I'll keep my pant size, thankyouverymuch.
Those are size four 7&7's I purchased nearly a year ago from E-Bay on accident. I couldn't button them at all, not even with a massive muffin top. Wasn't happening. I found them again today when cleaning out my closet and tossed them on just for fun. Then promptly passed out on the floor from shock, lol! To be fair, my sweet little belly pleating becomes a nice squishy curtain that sits on my lap with me when I sit down, but I'm thinking 5 babies will do that to a person and maybe I should just accept it and move on. There's something magical that happens in your head when you realize you have to put a belt on to wear your skinny pants.  Anyway, yay me!