October 01, 2011

We Interrupt this Broadcast..

of random and sporadic family posting to give myself a little bit of a shout out and pat on the back. Some narcissism, if you will.

I've worked my arse off for that. Gym time and SUPER careful with what I eat. I never never thought I'd see that number on a scale. The plan is to put a good 5 back on, but in muscle. I'll keep my pant size, thankyouverymuch.
Those are size four 7&7's I purchased nearly a year ago from E-Bay on accident. I couldn't button them at all, not even with a massive muffin top. Wasn't happening. I found them again today when cleaning out my closet and tossed them on just for fun. Then promptly passed out on the floor from shock, lol! To be fair, my sweet little belly pleating becomes a nice squishy curtain that sits on my lap with me when I sit down, but I'm thinking 5 babies will do that to a person and maybe I should just accept it and move on. There's something magical that happens in your head when you realize you have to put a belt on to wear your skinny pants.  Anyway, yay me!

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Misty-Ann said...

Look at you go!

And the twin skin... Glad I'm not the only one who has it :)