June 30, 2007

Random Cell Phone Pic

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June 27, 2007

Indian Larry with a 'tude


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We are LOVING the Juniper Aquatic Center this year! SO much fun. We go earlier in the day, 10 to 1 or so, because it's family swim time so none of the "drop off" kids are running around "hogging" the pool. Both Raegan and Kael LOVE this time, it never gets boring. My camera kind of sucks in the super bright sunlight, I didn't have the settings correctly changed. But you get the idea, from these few pics, just what a huge blast it is! Raegan went down the big slide twice with Matt and 3 times with me, then spent the rest of the time on the small kid slide or splashing in the water toys. Kael just people-watched and sister-watched with a wee bit of pool floating thrown in for good measure. One of these days I'll get a family photo ( if I can ever get to the pool on time to meet with friends! Sorry so late, Amber!)

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June 15, 2007

June 14, 2007

Even Sick Kids Need the Sunshine

Still throwing up. Kids played outside while I aired out the house.
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Dirty Stunt Man

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However, Sometimes it's Beautiful

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Checkity Ups


25.5 pounds (79th percentile)
31.5 inches tall (85th percentile)

32 pounds (70th percentile)
36 inches (50th percentile)

Both kids doing awesome....... oh wait, where the heck is that wood to knock on?? After getting 2 shots which freaked her out Raegan came home and began another vomit session. A call back to the Ped office assures us that her immunization shots had nothing to do with it. The plus side, I guess, is that she is taking her shots well. Also good is the fact that she has bad diarrhea and it bothers her so she has been running to sit on the potty all evening.. which is reinforcing her potty training in the biggest way. Oh, did I mention she is 90% potty trained now? Just in the last few days. No diapers all day. Not needing to remind her to go potty for the most part, she just goes when she needs to. Still needs pull-ups at night but hey, it's a great start! So yah, potty on the potty = GOOD. Puke on the Mommy = Much less good.

Kael took his shots like a CHAMP. Fussed for a minute at most then played with the band-aids. He's a bit on the anemic side which doesn't surprise me as it's only in the last few weeks that he's been accepting milk of any form our of a bottle/cup, yet nursing less and less. Plus, not much of a fan of iron rich foods. Oh. News there as well.

He's almost weaned.

We have been down to once a day ( pre-breakfast) for the last 10 days.. but today Matt got up with the kids and I got to sleep in. No pre-breakfast. 36 hours, no boobies. Then he frantically wanted a pre-bed snack, which I obliged him with. I think I have 2 weeks or so, at most, left to enjoy with him. Then, done. Forever. Never again. I find myself paying serious attention every time he nurses now, just in case that ends up being the last time. I'm having a bit of an issue wrapping my mind around that. The idea that never again, ever, in my life, will I snuggle a child to my bosom and nurse. OK, that sounded so stupid, but you get the idea. It's odd seeing a phase leave... I will never have children of nursing age again. I will never have that...power?bond?.... again.

OK, not thinking about it anymore. Looking ahead. Good things coming up. Preschool! Diaper free days! Karate class! etc. ad-nauseum.

June 12, 2007

New Adventure?

The news is partially out, simply because I am totally crappy at keeping secrets. I wasn't going to tell family until I was further along in the process but then I thought, hell, why not? Supporters will support from day one, and if someone is opposed, give them a heads up so that future conversations/interactions can be as pleasant as possible without any toes getting stepped on!


I have started along a new path. I have decided I'd like to be a Gestational Surrogate. This is for hundreds of reasons that would bore the crap out of you, so lets just say Matt is totally on board with this and I am really excited about the possibility! I am still in the early stages of the process, I have a physical screening and one more Psych exam to go through before we get into the nitty-gritty part of the process ( IVF! Injectable drugs! Woo Hoo for the cooter wand!) and it could be months before we really get going.. or never, depending on the evaluations.

I will be starting a new blog to detail the whole journey with the intention of saving it to disk and giving it to the IP's ( intended parents... look at you learning the jargon!) when the journey is complete. I'll keep this blog for MY children! If you are interested in supporting me on this just let me know and I'll give you the new URL when I've got one. For the sake of full disclosure you should know that those IP's could very well be a Gay or Lesbien couple. You'll need to be OK with that if you want the other URL. If this isn't something you can support, that's fine! I know my friends and family are a diverse lot of people and some of you might not be OK with this..... I also know my friends and family love me regardless, so I am comforted knowing that even if you don't support me in THIS, you support me in general. No hard feelings if this isn't something you're OK with!

June 10, 2007


The cold, wet, but still grinnin' Merritt family! The Parade was pretty fun..... once it got started. We arrived there after watching Moms Dragon Boat team CREAM the competition and waited a good hour in the wet rain before we got our first glimpse of parade festivities. Both kids had a blast for the first hour or so, then they were too tired, wet and uncomfortable to really enjoy much. We bundled them up and headed to Grambonns warm house just as the real downpour began.
Watching the marching bands with Grambonn.
Kael just LOVED all the horses!
Raegan was exhausted by the end. Cold, wet and tired. FUN!
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Chuck and the Cheese




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A Birthday Papa




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