June 29, 2012

On the hunt....

Complete kitchen re-do.... 

June 25, 2012

Oregon Coast Mama's Vacation, 2012 ~ Day 1

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June 15, 2012

Good grief

Will you look at the lat muscles on this boy?? Not scapula, I palpated to make sure, lol!!!
Like a boss. 

June 12, 2012

Evening Routine


I think this may be one of my favorite memories of this age with my kids. The evening time as a family together around a book is usually the most peaceful time of our day. 

June 10, 2012

OMSI With Mom

push a button and that part lights up. Kael was VERY VERY interested in the milk ducts and colon. ~sigh~
Had a hard time getting this kid away from the craft tables!
Kael was constantly grabbing Grambonn to drag her around and show things to.
 We had never been before, and now I regret all that lost time! Had a BLAST!!! Raegan and Kael were SO well behaved the whole time, drive up and back included! It was an awesome visit with mom, we need to do that more often! Bummed Matt couldn't come, but he's been working 10 hour days every day for the last month, and will continue to do so till the 22nd when t-suckle finally closes. Missed him, but will just have to go again!!