July 30, 2007

Why Yes, Yes You Are!

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July 29, 2007

LaPine State Park

We unexpectedly found ourselves with no plans today so decided to explore nearby LaPine State Park... and sheesh, have we been missing a treat this summer! There was almost no one there to compete for the "good" spots with, the water was warm and safely shallow where we parked ourselves, the kids had a BLAST playing with the mud and making pine cone boats, and we all got to do a great outdoor fun thing together as a family... what a fun day it ended up being!!

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I'm Confused....

Exactly WHAT orange marker would you be referring to, exactly?
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July 22, 2007

Dank Toooo!

Kael. He says "Thank YOU" ( or Dank TOO! if you want to get all specific...) and it is just the cutest thing in the whole wide world. This is new, just a few days old, and he uses it appropriately! Hand me a bottle, "Dank Too!!", hand him more blueberries, "Dank Too!!"..

He has also mastered the intricate skills of waving and utilizes this skill at all opportunities... He waves at the car, he waves at people in the grocery store, he waves me goodnight....

Also. Walking backwards. That is the new awesome fun thing to do at all times. He gets this sweet little surprised look on his face as he carefully scoots in the reverse.....

Good Lord, I need to go lay down. The cuteness is going to kill me.

July 14, 2007

Just THINK of the Money She'll Save on Manicures

Details if you're interested, but last Tuesday Mom chopped off two of her fingers. I'm convinced it's because she's budget and time conscious and thought two less fingers = that much time saved with the whole fingernail clipping. OR, she purchased a huge lot of on sale gloves last fall with much glee only to find out when she got home that they were toddler gloves and therefore too small... so she's making that purchase worthwhile. Who knows. Either way I spent the second half of last week up in Portland forcing her to pop pills and, you know, pee independently. The kids and Matt came along for the fun.. and actually, they DID have a bit of fun visiting the Children's Museum on Thursday! I didn't get to go, but Matt got some great pictures. I'll put them up soon!
ANYWAY, without further adieu......
The fingers.





And WOW is she liking those pain pills!

July 06, 2007


My house. It has an odor.

These last few days have been just stupid-hot. Hot hot. I mean HAWT!! And I? I live in the housing equivilant of a wine box. Which means that... It's gettin' hot in here.

We finally broke out the " air conditioner" lovingly provided by our landlord. A stunning 1976 model "AirTemp". Yes, the air is cold when it leaves the unit.. and for like 18 inches from the face it is STILL cool.. But that air. It has an odor. Like patchouli.. and wet cat... and gym sock.

But it helps. The house is perhaps three WHOLE degrees cooler then it is outside & darn it, I intend to keep it that way! All openings to the outside are sealed from 5am till 7 or 8pm. Keepin' my cold air IN, darn it!

And. Because I've got class. Here's a shot of my windows.

Soon. Soon, I'll be breaking out the tinfoil.

July 01, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Kael, Bananas
Raegan, apples

Kael, Asparagus
Raegan, Pickles

both LOVE Caesar salad

Kael is getting smart, little turd. I can say "You want some Juice?? Go get your cup, I'll get you some juice.." and he toddles off to find his cup. He is VERY communicative!

Raegan is a smarty pants now too. She has recently decided the letter A and the letter W are her favorites. When we play outside with chalk she asks me to make an "A Lady" ( stick figure letter A with a head. She then copies the A part over and over.... mighty cute!

Both of them have really benefited from our pool time. Raegan is now fearless in the water, as is Kael.... which makes taking them a wee bit of a juggle. I'm outnumbered!!! But it is also teaching them to listen to me... If I say NO or STAY OVER HERE, by golly they better listen or we're going for a towel time-out.. which sucks cuz they can SEE the fun around them, just not participate in it!! AAAHHH!!

I' pleased as punch about Raegans potty training success. She has had a few night time accidents that we have dealt with, but really, other then the occasional "WIPE MY BOTTOM!!!!" screamed from the bathroom, I can go about my day and never have to think about her bowels.. which is nice, really.

I have cut way back with weaning Kael. He still nurses regularly early in the mornings.. and with the more recent news that the surrogacy might not work out I find myself actually... encouraging? those nursing sessions. I'm gonna let him take his time with it. He still needs me, why rush it?

May hopefully be starting a graveyard shift soon.. more on that when I have more information! But I'm pretty excited to be going back to work.

OK, that's the news! I'll update BumpFairy tomorrow with the final test results!

Poolio Againstah

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