October 29, 2009

Patch'n It

We took a trip out to the pumpkin patch with our favorite buddies Miss Kari and Rylen on Wednesday, and ended up having SUCH a blast! Things were mostly shut down as they get ready for their halloween spectacular, so we broke all the rules and snuck into the dead corn maze to play around. The dead corn was thin enough and short enough now that no one could get lost so the kids could just run wild, and OH did they run! They even managed to get the "big kids" in on the fun and we had quite the chase through the fields.
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October 24, 2009

The Great Purge of 2009

So... early next week we should be closing on our new home. Part of me is excited, and part of me dreads the month that is coming. Why? Well this morning was a good example. This morning, I took part in the great Purge of 2009, and hauled FOUR BOXES stuffed full of catalogs and magazines into the recycle bin. Four. I have a thing for catalogs. Nothing brings me glee like sitting down with a catalog and a marker to spend hours pouring over each and every item inside, "window shopping" with my sharpie. I've got catalogs that are two years old that I still regularly go back through, crossing off this, highlighting that.... and the thing is, I have never placed an order through a catalog. Never. I just like the pretend play that they offer. So it was with a sad heart that I loaded my treasures into that big recycle bin... but also a wee bit of glee....

You see, I have a new address now, so I can re-subscribe to all of my favorite vendors and get ALL NEW catalogs sent to me! Whoop! Lets cross fingers that we actually DO close next week, because if not the new home owners are about to get their mail box packed full of junk mail!
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October 22, 2009

And for Tonight...

Chili Mac Casserole

1 cup uncooked wagon wheel pasta (cooked) ( I used tri color rotini)
1 pound lean ground beef ( browned)
1/2 cup chopped onion ( I used slightly more)
1/2 cup chopped green pepper
1 can turkey chili with beans
1 can stewed tomatoes ( I'll be changing this to diced next time)
1 cup crushed tortilla chips
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese ( I ..... well I doubled this)
1/4 cup uncooked instant rice
1 tsp chili powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper

Mix everything but half the cheese together and into a 2qt casserole dish. Cover with the remaining cheese. Bake at 350* for 25-30 minutes or till cheese on top is all bubbly. Eat.


This one was one of my choices. I withheld snack this evening in the hopes that the kids will eat some of the dinner I'm getting ready for them. It ended up being quite a bit more food then I'd anticipated so if I actually get them to eat it we'll have it again tomorrow...We'll see.........
Nope. Not good. Maybe with a ton more seasoning.. more taco seasoning or something? But not good, for the ammount of effort that goes in to the meal.....

October 17, 2009

In the Crock Pot

1 can Campbells Condensed Golden Mushroom Soup
1 cup Burgandy
2 cloves garlic ( I used 2 tbsp minced garlic)
1 tsp dried crushed thyme leaves
2 cups small button mushrooms
2 cups whole baby carrots
1 cup small whole onions
1.5 pounds beef top round steak, cut into kid size pieces

Dumped all ingredients into a crock pot, we'll see how it tastes tonight! I added in a hand full of frozen peas and a quarter cup of frozen chopped spinach, just for nutrients. I'm thinking the whole thing would taste a bit better with a beef bullion cube or two.. or some brown gravy mix? Or Au Jus seasoning? That wine has a bitter bite that is kind of bland.. bitter but bland? But I think everything needs salt, so we'll let the recipe run as it is and see how it tastes....
We all got a little stir crazy the other night so I pulled out the Campbells cook book and let the kids dig through it. Everyone picked out a recipe that looked good, and I went to the store to buy all of the ingredients. The first night we had tuna casserole ( Raegan's pick) and it was MUCH better then the Tuna Helper equivalent, and super easy, so we'll be making it that way from now on. I was surprised to see how well the kids ate, and I think giving them the choice of picture for dinner was a big help. Normally that isn't something Rae would touch.
Tonight is my choice...

*update* I added two bullion cubes. Couldn't help it. It could have used two more, but I think next time I'll just add a packet of Au Jus seasoning instead. And.... the kids ate it!!! I served it over rice seasoned with garlic and onions, & it was mighty tasty ( after I added a dollop of seasoning salt to mine). So YAY! A success!

October 14, 2009

It's Almost That Time of Year

What are your kids/cats/dependents dressing up as? Raegan will be....... a witch. Very original. Thank you GoodWill. Kael has been claiming a need to dress up as a cloud, of all things, for weeks. But today we were in FredMeyer and he saw a transformer costume and that was it, he HAD to be a transformer. He has no idea what a transformer is, but it has a neat yellow mask so it must be cool. I saw the 40% off sign and decided that yes, a transformer rather then hours laboring over the sewing maching for something he'll trash & dislike within minutes was a good deal. So there you have it. GoodWill Witch and Discount Transformer.

I feel like the ultimate in lazy parent.
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October 12, 2009

Oh, by the way......

Here's a sneek peek at the inside of OUR NEW HOUSE!!!! Yep, we got it! The orange one previously posted! We should close in 2 weeks or so and I am SO freakin' excited! It's just over 200 sq/ft larger downstairs than where we currently live, with piles of fancy upgrades including a slate surround on the fireplace and entrance, gas appliances, and a huge giant vaulted ceiling in the entrance, the opposite wall of which will be a burnt orange color just as soon as i can get my roller on it. I've been daydreaming and planning on what I will do with my new home once it's mine, and the first order of business is to choose a refrigerator and washer/dryer. And wallpaper. Oh, do I have some plans with the wallpaper............. expect some fun posts about that coming soon... I challenge you to find fancy eclectic wall paper and post links! Also, any advice on fridge/laundry appliances? And it appears our dryer can be either electric or gas ( both hookups are present....) so what would you advise there? Pro's/ cons to either?

OMG Y'all. We're finally going to get *our* home.
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