October 14, 2009

It's Almost That Time of Year

What are your kids/cats/dependents dressing up as? Raegan will be....... a witch. Very original. Thank you GoodWill. Kael has been claiming a need to dress up as a cloud, of all things, for weeks. But today we were in FredMeyer and he saw a transformer costume and that was it, he HAD to be a transformer. He has no idea what a transformer is, but it has a neat yellow mask so it must be cool. I saw the 40% off sign and decided that yes, a transformer rather then hours laboring over the sewing maching for something he'll trash & dislike within minutes was a good deal. So there you have it. GoodWill Witch and Discount Transformer.

I feel like the ultimate in lazy parent.
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Franay said...

I rather like the cloud idea.

But yeah, I dig what they ended up with. Rather inspirational in this crappy economy.

Have a thrifty Halloween!!

rarejule said...

Love it! Halloween is over-rated. But hey, at least your KIDS will be happy!!