October 17, 2009

In the Crock Pot

1 can Campbells Condensed Golden Mushroom Soup
1 cup Burgandy
2 cloves garlic ( I used 2 tbsp minced garlic)
1 tsp dried crushed thyme leaves
2 cups small button mushrooms
2 cups whole baby carrots
1 cup small whole onions
1.5 pounds beef top round steak, cut into kid size pieces

Dumped all ingredients into a crock pot, we'll see how it tastes tonight! I added in a hand full of frozen peas and a quarter cup of frozen chopped spinach, just for nutrients. I'm thinking the whole thing would taste a bit better with a beef bullion cube or two.. or some brown gravy mix? Or Au Jus seasoning? That wine has a bitter bite that is kind of bland.. bitter but bland? But I think everything needs salt, so we'll let the recipe run as it is and see how it tastes....
We all got a little stir crazy the other night so I pulled out the Campbells cook book and let the kids dig through it. Everyone picked out a recipe that looked good, and I went to the store to buy all of the ingredients. The first night we had tuna casserole ( Raegan's pick) and it was MUCH better then the Tuna Helper equivalent, and super easy, so we'll be making it that way from now on. I was surprised to see how well the kids ate, and I think giving them the choice of picture for dinner was a big help. Normally that isn't something Rae would touch.
Tonight is my choice...

*update* I added two bullion cubes. Couldn't help it. It could have used two more, but I think next time I'll just add a packet of Au Jus seasoning instead. And.... the kids ate it!!! I served it over rice seasoned with garlic and onions, & it was mighty tasty ( after I added a dollop of seasoning salt to mine). So YAY! A success!


Anonymous said...

sounds yummy, gets my salute, especially the unions. lol
Love Gramie

Mama-Beans said...

LOL darn that spell check, Grammie! I fixed it, lol!!!