June 29, 2013

Dallas-O-Rama day 4

Some goofing off in the car and a wee bit more goofing off at McD's to
get out of the hot for a moment led up to a trip to the big city part
of Dallas to play at a splash park! It was kind of awesome playing at
the foot of the skyscrapers. Total fun!

Some did some rolling down the hill..
Others just rolled under the shady bench..
And everyone had a blast!

( day 3 continued)

Upon returning from the boiling hot gardens we, shockingly, climbed back into the pool!

( I was there, too!)

Then Kael and Tom created some fun working together on a new toy.
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Dallas-O-Rama day 3 ( gardens)

It was a million degrees, but we went to the botanical gardens where there was an Alice in Wonderland theme fun happening... Of course the kiddos were all decked out!

The koi pond was a particular favorite.

And this giant snapping turtle didn't disappoint..

In the end Rae had a wee bit of exhaustion in the super hot sun, so we ended up heading back home early to get out of the hot..
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