March 26, 2013

OMSI adventure!~

We packed up the car and made an early start on the day, heading up to Mama's house and an adventure at OMSI! 

Spring Break in Oregon. Snow. 
 Grambonn kicking arse and taking names on the wall sit challenge... well above average score!

 The giant bug makes it out of the cage...

 Giant icky stick bug...

 Dinosaur prints

 Vacuum ball pit

 Paddle boat races!
 Using the crane to move blocks
 WHO IS THIS YOUNG LADY??!! I swear, she was messing with my head the whole time, looking like MY daughter instead of the other way around! Mom plays with the impossible puzzle.
In the electricity room...

 In the Electric Science room.. I finally make an appearance!
Science experiment with Dad
Super Hero costumes in the phone booth...

 The fingertip hang... Mama's still got it!
 The little Mama, too.............

March 18, 2013

8 Years Makes a Big Difference


I love that she still loves her Toots!
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