November 30, 2006

Mine ; Accurate

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Matts: Accurate

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November 29, 2006

If You're Plastic And You Know it........

The fakity fake tree, which is actually kinda purdy, if I do say so myself. Have sworn off "real" trees due to last years fiasco with wild foresty things in my living room, so this year it was a WalMart Special all the way for us! We don't have many dangly fun-ish things to bejewel it with but me thinks this simple basic tree will do for now. Am considering starting up a collection of ornaments for the kiddies... Will have to find some older editions for Raegan to catch up but can start fresh for Kael! If anyone knows of some fun collections out there that we just MUST have you feel free to let me know! I'll be shopping online for them in these next few days. Posted by Picasa


Matt gave me my Christmas gift early this year.... a breadmaker! Not something that I'd asked for, not something that was even near my list of things to spend money on, but so far I am LOVING it! Potatoe bread for Thanksgiving, honey-wheat for peanut butter sandwhiches and fresh pizza dough for dinner last night. Posted by Picasa

November 26, 2006

Blech Friday

It's 2 am and my alarm has gone off. Out of bed after my 1.5 hour nap and OFF to BestBuy for some screaming deals! I arrived there at 2:45 after stopping for some coffee.. silly me, I thought I'd be plenty early! WRONG! By the time I got there the line outside had wrapped all the way around the BestBuy building and was partially around the BedBath & Bayond next door! Some of those people had been there since 10 the night before and were all set up with tents, propane heaters and sleeping bags. There were around 150 people in front of me in line. So, I stood there huddled in the morning cold with my hot coffee and the conversation of hundreds of other fools. Jason arrived around 4 to keep me company which was GREAT! Alas, there were only 100 of the computers I'd come to claim ($189 full desktop packages) so by the time I arrived in the store at around 5:15 they were all gone. I did leave there with a few deals though! Some Christmas gifts and a BlueTooth ear piece for myself. Even though I didn't get the deal I'd come to claim it was kind of fun all the same, in an insane freeze-your-bits-off kind of way. Next year I'm seriously considering coming up with some way to make gallons of hot coffee and hotdogs to sell to those waiting in line... I'd make a KILLING! Frozed tired people will pay a fortune for caffine and snacks when they're stuck in line! Something to mull over, anyway. Posted by Picasa

GramBon Comes to Play

The Princess bestowed many a kiss that night.

GramBon and Raegan played dress-up non stop on Friday. Such fun! Then, as added bonus to her visit, she offered to watch the kiddies on Saturday night. Hell yes! Matt and I tossed on our bar-hopping best and headed out to Timbers to hang with some friends and later to 7th Street Brew Pub for some of the BEST Nachos on the planet. We were only gone for 2 hours but it was SO nice to have a short break from the parenting gig! Raegan was alseep when we left and Kael was asleep when we got home and STAYED that way till almost 5 this morning, which has NEVER happened before! I think he knew his Mama needed to sleep off a bit of her "fun" before he had his morning snack. Overall our visit with GramBon was just SO great! I hope she can come down again soon for another weekend!
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Dinner Party

Thanksgiving dinner was a blast! The bird was wonderful! I also made maple yam mash, homemade cranberry sauce, stuffing from scratch, buttery mashed potatoes and giblet/neck gravy and fresh home made bread. Mom brought some from-scratch pumpkin pies and a fruit salad... really an all around feast! Posted by Picasa


The turkey was.. DELISH! After thawing, I soaked it in a sea salt and brown sugar brine for 24 hours. After soaking and rinsing the bird off I rubbed it down with sea salt, parsley, lemmon pepper and olive oil and injected it with an au-jues and brown sugar mix. Then it was off to frying! My God, that was YUMMY! Crispy skin, juicy flavorful meat... just all around good! We will be frying turkey from now on!

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November 21, 2006



Glitter glue, buttons and Prima flowers... I think it turned out well! Posted by Picasa

November 20, 2006

Helpie Helper

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Yes, the house is a pig sty. Get past that part and see how stinkin' cute my kids are.


I'm guessing they were tart...
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Long Overdue


Last night I had a long overdue scrap gathering with some buddies... weird how not much scrapping got accomplished! Thanks K and A! That was fun!

Ok, I LOVE this page. I think it really turned out well! I've seen the arrows used on other great layouts and am tickled I found a way to use them in one of my own. Whatcha think? Posted by Picasa

November 18, 2006

The Pretty Princess


The Pretty Pretty Princess Raegan says THANK YOU! Aunt Davinie! SO much FUN!! Posted by Picasa

*edit* hours later and she's STILL wearing that dress and earrings. yes, she LOVES the earrings. The cuteness is positively CRIPPLING, or however you spell it...