June 28, 2010

Aqua Babes

This is their second session this summer and whoa nelly are these two blooming!!
Raegan passed level three last session but we learned who the level three teacher this time would be and he's just so fantastic with her that we kept her there... but she will definitely be moving up to level four next session. She can swim confidently by herself for as long as she can hold her breath, so a push out from the wall will end her a good 15+ feet out. She can't quite dog-paddle by herself so still needs to be caught when she gets to the end of her breath ( as that transition to new breath and keep swimming isn't there yet) but she's definitely ready for a more challenging level. SO proud of her!
Kael is in level two, and while his instructors tell me he's ready to move up, I'm going to keep him there. He's got the skills but not the appropriate confidence level, IMO, to move up a level. Kid is just a little too cocky for the extra skills learned one level up. He's already scared the crap out of his mama ( and his teachers and the lifeguard) by pushing off of the wall.. when there was no one ready to catch him. Yah, heart attack right there, big panic from everyone watching ( although no panic from the teachers... because they didn't NOTICE HIM till his mama started screaming repeatedly at them from her perch on the wall as she prepared to jump in after him. Yah, someone was fired. ) Ahem. Anyway. He's floating on his back for 3 seconds on his own, is nearly doing the same floating face down, and.......... well he's working on the kicking part. He's kicking! Frantically kicking! But it's this very inefficient-super-speed-up-and-down sprint with his legs rather then a move-you-forward kind of paddle with his legs. I am so glad that they get to do this through the summer, it's great exercise and they are learning so much! And perfect timing.. in two weeks we leave for our big water park vacation!
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June 26, 2010

Someone Had a Busy Day

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Top 'O the Wall

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June 17, 2010

The last before the first.

Today was Raegans last day of preschool! It was a big party day for her as well and she loved every minute of it, little goofball. It was fun for me too, but then all the kids sat in the circle on their carpet squares. And sang the "School is Over" song that they sing at the end of class every day. For the last time.
Yah, I started bawling. Out of no where. It was so....me. Mrs Rau & Wilbur and I shared a blubbering hug and I scooted my little ex-preschooler out the door before it got any worse. I have not had any sad or worrisome issues with Raegan growing up, going off to "real" school.. And then she sang the school is over song for the last time as a little girl. Caught me off guard.
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June 16, 2010


We all do little things to help us when studying. Some people listen to certain music, some people have a special study desk, some people take notes in different colored pens... Kael, apparently, hangs off of tables.

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Bubbles Bursting

Kaels last day of pre-preschool was yesterday! He had such a great time at the party, but the bubbles were his absolute favorite part. Both looking forward to and dreading the next three months without the twice weekly entertainment for him, but next year he's away THREE days! What will I DO with myself??!! I know I'll miss the little booger, so I'm trying to appreciate and enjoy this time with him more, it goes by so fast!
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June 09, 2010

Lets Get Something Straight....


I don't know WHO took a crap in the bath tub this evening, and I really don't care.
Although I suspect it's the girl with the guilty look on her face.....

All I'm saying is, that had better not happen again.
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Random Floral

Starting to ge back into photography again, saw these random flowers at the Peterson Rock Garden the other day when there with Kael's class and just had to snap a few!
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In the Mail ~ Thanks

Gramma Cynthia and Papa mailed Kael a box of goodies to play with! He's sure going to be spoiled, Aunt Alyca "sucks" and is mailing something down as well ( and an extra thanks for teaching him "Sucks" on the phone yesterday, lol!) and Grambonn has a super special surprise waiting for him when we go up for Rose Festival.. it's like it's his birthday for WEEKS!!
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