June 09, 2010

In the Mail ~ Thanks

Gramma Cynthia and Papa mailed Kael a box of goodies to play with! He's sure going to be spoiled, Aunt Alyca "sucks" and is mailing something down as well ( and an extra thanks for teaching him "Sucks" on the phone yesterday, lol!) and Grambonn has a super special surprise waiting for him when we go up for Rose Festival.. it's like it's his birthday for WEEKS!!
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alyca said...

Oh, and the postman is going to seriously hate me. I put a package of confetti in one of the boxes, and forgot tape to totally seal the whole thing up, so there is confetti spilling out everywhere enroute to you. They didn't fit into the box I though they would, so I had to use the USPS boxes, and they don't seal as well as I remembered. I seriously hightailed it out of there once I saw the random crap spilling out everywhere. Oh well, at least it is festive. Likely no confetti left by the time you get the package.....which is too bad, since I *know* you love to vacuum.