January 31, 2011


Raegan could swim like this all day. She can go all the way down the pool AND BACK, swimming on her back....
and Kael is not far behind her!
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January 16, 2011

Finally Knitty SUCCESS!





The kids both have gobs of dog coat protptypes dressing up their various stuffed buddies... but this one we'll keep! Finally, a pup coat that fits! Now to figure out how to duplicate it but with tighter stiches....
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January 15, 2011

Oh Gawd, Poor Squeaker





The kids were "dancing" the animals, and while Kael and Stella were cute, I really couldn't help the pang of sympathy I felt for Squeaker. She's old enough to realize how humiliating this is, and Raegan was REALLY getting in to those dance moves some times...
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Cuddle Time



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January 07, 2011

The FurBabies




Well, here they are. Our three. Squeaker, Muppet and Stella. I think it's a pretty good mix, and I love how everyone gets along nicely. Doesn't hurt that they are all so damm cute.
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