April 23, 2008

Dude. Awesome Box Pants.

You are so stinkin' cute.
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April 20, 2008

A shot of Today

A horribly cropped photo, but you can really see how hairless these little darlings are. Mama has a wee bit of "winter" fuzz on her ears and forehead, but that's pretty much it! The rest of her body is a very very fine peach fuzz. We're told Azul can expect to turn out exactly like her mama, so it's neat to get a sneak peak into what she'll be like in years to come!
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Azul, 5 weeks

OK she really doesn't look crosseyed in real life.......
Azul and her sister.
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April 17, 2008

Shot(s) of the Day

Kael's big beefy hands never stop amazing. His huge puppy-dog body and mischevous antics make my each and every day just that little bit more bright.
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April 16, 2008

Shot(s) Of the Day

I'm going to TRY to get pics up every day for a month.. we'll see how that goes.

Raegan LOVES her new back yard. If it isn't frigid outside, she's out there playing away. She has an odd fear of bugs that we're working through bur other then that, she really enjoys just entertaining herself and using her imagination. Today was a beautiful sunny day, just perfect for a few hours outside!
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April 13, 2008

For Alyca

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If Only Her Annoying Mother Would Leave Her Alone.

I needed her to play by herself for a while. I have unpacking to do. So when I came back and found this awesome square of talent.. and the beginnings of several others.. This is where her inner monologue says "see Mom? If you'd just let me express myself how I want to rather then how YOU want me to......"
Beautiful things happen.

And now I feel foolishly limiting, with my hours of "play" getting her to trace alphabet letters and color in the lines. Shut up, Mom. Let her color out of the lines.

Sorry, honey! Never again. You ignore those lines, because the lines you make are limitless in their possibilities and ultimately more beautiful.
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Azul, 4 Weeks Old

Little Azul is sure growing into her skin! She's attempting some wobbily walking now, and it is just the cutest dang thing you've ever seen. Little nekkid body scampering around..... She still has her face-fur, but it is thinning out a bit, giving her a decidedly rumpled "Yoda" look. Her eyes are still blue, but you can see hints of Mamas yellow in them now, so we're thinking they will either turn green like Grandma or go yellow like Mom. All in all it was a good visit! But short, as we were late getting there....

Because we moved. Yes, again. No, I don't want to hear it. We had an opportunity present itself and jumped. The new townhouse is awesome, large, updated, and best of all has a private back yard. We moved in 2 days ago and I haven't seen the kids since, they like it so much.

But my favorite? The part that makes me happy when I wake up? ( other than the wooden shades or the built in shoe rack.....) My "happy place". Matt fixed up a huge desk area, I messed with the walls, and made myself a nice, large happy spot in the house.

Silly? Yes. But I lurve it just the same! So HI! This is me from my happy place!
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April 06, 2008

Azul, 3 weeks old

Raegan was oh so very soft with the babies! Azule was crying for her mama a lot so Rae didn't get to hold her long, but while she did she was so gentle.

Kael thought the little Azul and her sister were more funny then anything. He was much more interested in Mama, who is very affectionate and outgoing. His energy didn't put her off at all. In fact, his squeals of delight concerned her enough that she kept coming over to check on him; make sure he was OK!

Here's the wee little baggy bones Azule hersef. We woke them from a nap so they weren't as playful, but SEE all her little wrinkles?? And her ears are starting to perk up! Her sister is to the left, and she is so bald she's almost sticky! Azule has a sweet little peach fuzz on her body ( just like Mama) and right now has a few whiskers! I'm told they will fall out as she ages, but right now they are little tiny ringlets of whiskers on her wee little face. It is mighty cute!

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April 01, 2008

Dagnabbit: Silly Decisions I'm Happy We Made

This? Is Azul. She is 2 weeks old. Her Mama and Papa are two beautiful registered Sphynx cats who live in the beautiful home of a local breeder. Chance, luck, and a wee bit of charm landed me at this nice ladies home with a bag of warm peach fuzz mewling in my hand. I melted. So did Matt and Raegan. Kael wanted to "PAT" her, so he just watched.
This weekend I'll be going back to that nice ladies house to cuddle with the wee little Azul some more.
The following weekend I'll be bringing a t-shirt I've slept in with me.
And in 10 weeks time, I'll be bringing her home.

We've been thinking about this particular breed of cat for quite a while now. A friend introduced us almost a year ago and they have tickled my mind ever since. No hair means no shedding ( and no mystery hairs in the butter..) I don't believe in inside/outside cats anyway ( at least not for people who live "in town" which I always have). And I am definately a DOG person. I loved that my dogs wanted me. That they really did desire my affection. I did NOT love cleaning poo up from the yard. Nor did I like the barking. The jumping. And the work. I? Am a lazy pet owner. Pre-kids, that work wasn't work but surrogacy for the children I deeply wanted. Unfortunately, that all changed when my children came home. I fully admit to being a horrible dog mother and I took the appropriate steps to make that up to my pups. But this is the first time in my life when I haven't had an animal in the home. It's... weird. We had decided to be "cat" people a while ago; they fit in with our lifestyle more. Poop in a box, tidy and all that. But I will admit the hair thing has always bothered me about cats, and the cats I've known are somewhat aloof. I know others' have had a different experience but that is what I've always seen. So when this chance literally dropped into my lap I jumped for it.

So meet *Azul. She will be coming home in 10 weeks time, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

*this name was chosen by the breeder because of her stunning blue color. We like it, but are open to different options. We have 10 weeks to come up with something perfect!
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