July 06, 2013

Off the Grid is On my Mind

Helped Matt's boss clean out his 2nd home in preparation for putting it up for sale. I am in LOVE with this house!!

Mind-blowingly awesome giant wrap-around deck..

And this view!!

It absolutely could use some updating, but everything about this house calls to me.

Potbelly stove in the main floor living room...

Open loft to closed bedrooms.. ( there are 4 total bedrooms, 5 if you count the large extra room with a sink in the "basement"... I'd promptly turn that into my massage room, though..)

GIANT basement living room... It's huge. This pic does it no justice. It was also a good ten degrees cooler than the rooms upstairs. 

Amazing under-porch patio, complete with LARGE hot tub and secure fencing to keep critters in or out, depending on your need... ( cats could be "outside" inside cats, as there is a cat door out to that completely secure outside area!)

Did I mention this loft?

Or this view?

How about the fact that this house is completely, 100% off the grid? Solar and wind power with a backup generator and all the bells and whistles to make this home completely self sufficient ( with extras like satellite internet and TV if you want em'). Also, on 5 acres. Also, less than a mile away from a private marina and beach. Yah, it's also an hour from Redmond, but I'll go ahead and let Matt commute that one, and homeschool the kids... no joke, this place is a dream! Someone is going to get an amazing home. This place is a greenhouse and a chicken coop away from perfection!! We had a blast goofing around at the house and then spending time at the beach to cool off. A fun day!
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July 05, 2013


We've discovered a family obsession... Puzzles~ Such fun!
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July the Fourth

Sparklers, always a big family favorite! No clue why, it's thirty seconds of burn risk then stink... but kids seem to be in to that kind of thing, lol!
There was a lot of dancing with the sparklers...
And running in circles...
And just plain goofing off....
And minor burns when we weren't as careful as we should be....
Rae and I played with makeup while the boys were out scouting out a good fireworks location. She's prettier without it, but it was still fun playing!
Rae steals the camera.. Mom hams it up..
The day, in pictures! Overall we had fun! Parade in the morning, chillin' during the day, and pyrotechnics all night!