December 26, 2008

A Christmas Montage

Hope Everyone Out There in Computer-Land had an Awesome Chirstmas!

REWIND: Christmas Eve

After a super yummy ham dinner and some over-full tummies stuffed with brownies, we PJ'd the kids up, gave them some warm drinks, and headed off to drive around town looking at the Christmas lights. Both kids fell asleep in the car on the way home, so it's a good thing we snatched some pictures before we left! Snug in their beds, Matt and I hauled down all of their Christmas loot to set up then settled down ourselves for a bit of boob-tube time. Lasted all of ten minutes before we hauled our own tired arses up the stairs and to bed. Merritt family officially ready for Christmas!

Matching Christmas PJ's? Check. Tree all stuffed with fun junk? Check. Nice early bed time so that no one is tearing off anyones head in the morning? Check.

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December 25, 2008

Before the Mayhem

The kids come down the stairs first thing this fine Christmas morning...

The present-opening-insanity that followed......... coming up!

December 09, 2008

Actually Typing, and Stuff.

Small update because really, every post can't be a picture post.

Muppet is doing awesome. He is pretty much potty trained in that every time he has to go potty he goes to the door... now weather or not I SEE him go to the door is another matter. Easiest dog to train ever. He sits, plays nicely with the kids, responds instantly to commands, STILL no shedding, and can be trusted in the house alone while we're gone. He is a bit of a shyte though, in that he seems to feel this need to look at his own arse when he's pooping, so the yard is littered with these odd poop-circles. Makes land-mine cleanup a bit of a obstacle course, but we're all learning. At least they're outside, right?

Raegan has become such a little GIRL! Opinionated to the max, she has already perfected the "but moooooommmm" that will drive me insane in a few years' time. She LOVES school and soaks up all the work she does there. She knows all of her letters/numbers, can write all of them, and has begun some reading... writing is a different story. She can't seem to firmly grasp that all the letters in a word have to go in a certain order. We're working on it, but it is just so neat to see her open those little doors in her mind!

Kael has become a bit of a challenge. Firmly in his "terrible twos" we can now add night terrors to the mix. Definitely not uncommon, especially in little boys, but we could have done without this particular sleep disorder. We're working through solutions and so far just changing up his vitamin regimen has helped a bit. He is also learning to master potty training!!!!! More often then not, during the day he is in boy panties. I'm sure there is a better word for little briefs, but in my house they are boy panties. He needs frequent reminders, but he is doing VERY well! **Only one public accident. That was, of course, today. We did go before we left the house, but apparently he still had a gallon or two saved up for our trip to Fred Meyer that resulted in a slightly dripping ( thank gawd, empty) shopping car fleeing across the store and to our car where we had a dry change waiting. I am a bad bad person, though. I couldn't muster the nerves to go back in to the store to hunt down those drips to clean them up. My apologies to the FredMeyer employee that cleaned up the mystery liquid. That was pee; my bad.

Matt can both read, write, AND is fully potty trained. (*wink wink*) He is doing SO well, in fact, that he just aced all of his finals for the fall term! These were some tough classes, and I am so proud of him for pushing through and doing so well. Now for three weeks off ( squeee!!!) before winter term starts up and he's back to the grindstone.

So there you have it; short update. I swear some day I'll regain some of my cerebral function and start writing worthy posts again. I wouldn't hold my breath for it though.

**please note, family, that I would really really appreciate any extra help you're willing to offer with this over Christmas Vacation! I am somewhat worried that he'll regress... so please, help Matt out and remind Kael to go potty throughout the day! If everyone is asking him if he needs to go potty, that's a huge pile of adults working on it, and maybe just maybe we can get this kid completely potty trained by the new year!! Thanks!!

Lazy-Mama Lunch Time

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December 01, 2008

Ooh! The Parade!!

Saturday we went to the Twilight Parade, which we've never gone to before.... everyone had a great time! Can you tell??!
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