February 27, 2005

Sprinkle Sprinkle Little Star!

She LOVES being sprinkled!! Raegan spent all of her bath time today with her tongue out trying to catch the drops! Or she's grabbing for the cup trying to drink the water in it..... which is nice, but I have to be careful that the cup is mostly empty because she'll grab it from me when it's full and dump the whole thing in her face, choking and sputtering the whole time.. she doesn't seem to mind so much, but I don't really care for it... Posted by Hello

Catching the drops! Posted by Hello

Bath Sunday nite Posted by Hello

Isn't she cute! Posted by Hello

Raegan Loves her Baths! Posted by Hello

Photo of Matt and I, 34 weeks pregnant Posted by Hello


OK, ready to move now. now. NOW. ok, fine. YESTRDAY. There, that better? My rose colored glasses for Redmond are starting to clash with the outfit of my life. There, hows that. It seems, right now, that the world will just be a much better place if we just lived there. Like, all things will be good then. SO, I am egar to be down there, and this forced patience is killing me. If you haven't noticed, I don't DO patience. We probably got approved to rent this new duplex just down the street from Davinie... how cool is that! I can then take my morotcycle to work on the days that Davinie babysits for me! And she can just walk Cooper and Morgan over to my place on the days I watch them! Plus, I have to admit that Matt is somewhat releived that we won't be renting the duplex next to Francis. He knows that I'd never be home.
I'm just ready to go. I want to go now, please. There is the slim chance that we won't get approved for the duplex. That would kinda suck, but then again that is that many more of Matt's paychecks we can save before we move, so I guess it's OK.

February 24, 2005


How the hell does a person move now-days??? Need to LIVE in the area to get a job, have to have a job to get a place to live..... HUH??? how does that work? I am so frustrated!!! I call the property management people, am told that they can't pre-quailify us without submitting an application for a spacific property. There are many agencies that won't even rent to bankruptcy people, but I have to pay the $50 application fee for them to tell me that, aparently. How the hell would I know what property I want to rent if I don't LIVE DOWN THERE TO FIND IT???? What's the point in looking for a place to rent if you don't know if that rental agency will even accept you? PLUS, we have THREE DOGS!!!!!!! None of the places I can find online that are rented by personal persons and not rental agencies will accept pets. Or, if they do, and I call them, they will not accept THREE pets, AND no job, AND bankruptcy. I am so pissed off right now it's making me sick. Plus, with us having just the 1 car, we can't have one person go down earlier to get a job or hunt for an apartment while staying with family, cuz how would the other person get down there later? Or work up here?
vent vent vent vent.
Something will work out, I know. It's just SO HARD. I hate this.

February 23, 2005

Random Thought

Spend the extra money and buy the BABY BJORN infant sling. We bought a $20 one from Target, and never really used it. Then Davinie loaned us her NICE BABY BJORN one, and we LOVE IT! I use it all the time, and it is SO comfy for both of us!

She wasn't in the mood to be on her tummy, and that floor was COLD Posted by Hello

Blurry.. sorry! Posted by Hello

Aren't her toes cute?! Posted by Hello

Those are supposed to be cupid's wings Posted by Hello

OK, so a picture of a picture may not be the best idea, but I have noscanner so this will have to do for now Posted by Hello

Really bad picture.. no flash, but you get the idea Posted by Hello

February 21, 2005


Well, my guy went into the dentist office to see about getting more pain pills, and was met with astonishment be the doctor. Aparently he IS NOT supposed to be that swollen. So, tuns out the has quite the infection in his jaw. He's getting major penicillin today, and has to go back to the doctor tomorow, as aparently this kind of infection can potentially be fatal.. the doc even said about 3 persons in Washington State die each yer from it. Nice. Will keep you updated!

Oh my gosh, look at his poor face this morning! This was taken around 5 am before Matt left for work..he's only going to stay in for a couple of hours. Isn't that AWEFUL!!  Posted by Hello

February 20, 2005

OK now............

let it be known now for all my readers..
It is no longer OK to call me and make the AAAAAHHHHH sound on the phone. From this point on this is not a forgivable offense.
That was a totally creepy movie, and it really truely scares me. Making that noise, while it may seem funny to you, may actually cause me bodily harm, as that kind of irrational fear is paralyzing.
I know it has all been in fun so far, but now you all know how I feel about it, so I hope you will respect my request and not do it again.. K?

Matt and Raegan with their PUFFY cheaks! Posted by Hello

Maybe my favorite simple Raegan page so far. Just an edited B&W photo, various ribbons, and tiny paper clips Posted by Hello

More  Posted by Hello

PA-PA page I just did today. I krinkled up the frames and inked around the edges and set the pictures behind, with re-positional tape so that the old pictures aren't permanently stuck down. Then used brads to hold the frame on to the page. Posted by Hello

Sick and Tired

Well, sheesh. Matt's face hurts, and he can't really eat. Now, Raegan hasn't slept properly for the past 4 nights, and she has a funny red rash all over her body. Last night, we found Chloe huddled on the carpet in the bedroom, and she cries when we pick her up... Think she landed wrong after jumping off the bed.. SO, I have 3 very unhappy babies in my house right now, and no way of really helping any of them. I'm taking Raegan to the doctor first think Monday.. She doesn't act in pain, but she wakes up crying every hour all night, and the red rash thingie is getting bigger on her body. Then, Monday afternoon I'll grab Chloe and take her to the vet, and figure out what happened with her.. nothing feels broken, but she definately hurt herself somehow. Matt... well there's not much I can do for him other then try to provide a constant supply of ice packs for his jaw, and try to be creative in what I can puree to see if I can get him to eat something. This sucks.

Matt's puffy face on Friday, and again today (Sunday) He still hasn't managed to eat much. maybe 5 spoonfulls of mashed potatoes yestrday, and that's it. hard to opn his mouth now. sheesh, Posted by Hello

February 18, 2005


OK, so I'm not the most creative crayon in the box.... I try. I see so many layouts that I LOVE, but when it comes time for me to use the old noggin' I draw a blank. Hoping the scrapbook convention in March helps with that...

Merritt Grandmas page. The bottom photo of Rae lifts up to show the journaling. I got to use my new fibers ( ok, it's string... why don't we call it string??) and brads. Posted by Hello

"MOMMIES" scrapbook page. Plain, but to the point. center sticker says "Your daughter will always be your daughter, even when she has daughters of her own." Posted by Hello