December 25, 2007

And then, it snowed.

Christmas Eve, we were gifted with our first dusting of snow. We got out the saucers and Matt dragged the kids around the cul-de-sac for a good half hour. They had SO MUCH FUN!
Raegan is sporting another crochet creation. Lynlee mailed me some delicious yarns for Christmas and I couldn't resist turning this lovely wool into a warm head band. She is just SO dang cute!
Kael was over the MOON about the snow. Laughed and giggled so hard the whole time! Yes, he still needs snow boots. We're working on it! Next to impossible to find boots in his size, dang it!
And two seconds later, daddy sped up and dumped them both into the snow. They couldn't have been happier about it!
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December 23, 2007

Mad Hatter

When I was in LA my buddy, the lovely Lynlee, gave me my first yarn and my first crochet lesson. After bunches and gobs of dishrags I decided I was ready to use that fancy soft yarn and attempt a real project. This hat I made for Raegan is made with Bernat Cotton Tots yarn. I varied the stitches; single crochet for 11 rows, then half crochet for about the same, with more single crochet at the top, leaving out every 4th stitch to taper it in. Then I kind of made up some silly tassle things to help camoflage the weird pointy top. Raegan will get it in her stocking on Christmas day, so I'll get some pics of it "live" then!

I am so excited to be learning this craft. It's something I've had my eye on for a while now, and I'm surprised at how fast I picked up the basics. Anything other then the basics, I'm still pretty confused. But for now, Look! A thing! That I made! That has a purpose! A useful one!
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A Moment Of Greatness

I think I see where Kael gets his happy cheeks!

We had a wonderful little visit with Grandjack and Grammie on Saturday.. something we need to do more often!
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December 21, 2007

Gol Dang, That Thar is Fancy!

So we walk in to our favorite vacation spot, our friendly local SUPER WAL*MART and notice that Christmas, it is leaving. They put the decorations and sales ads up a good 6 months before the event, and take it all down the week before, it seems. It was a sad, sad sight. All these bright red ROLLBACK signs, sparkly HOLIDAY notices. Gone. It was downright depressing. "Our" Santa was even gone. No note of explanation, no final goodbye. We were about to leave and go weep as a group into our McDonalds fries when we saw them.

A tidy pile of the past. Forgotten, discarded. Given no more fanciful glances by children the world over. No more rolling eyes from Moms and Dads across the county. It was Christmas. On Cardboard. Well of course we couldn't let that happen. We are a sensitive people. An empathetic group. We could NOT stand by and watch this shameless desecration happen! The nearest employee verified our fears: these treasures were headed for the garbage. No longer useful. No longer wanted.

Well. I don't think so.

So here you have it. Proof. I went and fished out GARBAGE. From WAL*MART. And took it home to be displayed proudly on the walls of my children's' sleeping quarters.

There is no low low enough for me.

And guess what? I'll probably do it again next year.

(Kael? Has a huge Super Mario on his wall. Much glee for the children, and Mama happy because I found free garbage and it made them supremely happy with it. Score one for the cheapskate!)
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Raegan and Daddy Have A Play Date

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Why the Heck Not??

Raegan wears them and loves it. So when we got out the spare dress and offered it to Kael, he couldn't crawl in fast enough. Not gonna' fence my son in. He wants to wear a fancy floaty dress, that's fine by me! Matt says he's just SO secure in his manhood that he can pull off pink tulle and STILL look like a studly little man. He's right. We don't have "boy toys" and "girl toys" in this house. If Kael wants a barbie, that's what he'll get. If Raegan wants a dinosaur, that's what she'll get. She has loved dresses since she was younger then Kael. He's just now getting into the trend. He gets to decide what makes him happy, I'm not going to do it for him! I just foster those happy feelings by keeping this dress handy ( as well as the blonde barbie) for when he wants to play.
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Kael Holds Still for a Minute

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Raegan and the Phat Hat

Darling little girl models the scarf and hat lovingly sent by Grambonn.
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Another Day, Another Sad, Free! Wal*Mart Pic

If it weren't free and at, you know, Wal*Mart, I'd complain about the horrifyingly bad framing, the crappy background, and the way Santa smells. But it's free. And at Wal*Mart. And made the kids ( ok, it made Raegan, not so much Kael ) happy. So what do you expect?

December 15, 2007

Food for Thought

Today I discovered a huge, completely intact grape in Kael's diaper. I was at first astounded that the grape skin was so tough as to not digest at all.

Then I realized we hadn't had grapes in the house for weeks.

But we do have rasins.

December 13, 2007

Sibling Showers:

It's all fun and games till someone poops in your teacup and pees in your hair.

I'm just sayin'....................