July 28, 2010


BORED today, muggy outside and same ol' same ol' inside. So we painted birdhouses.
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July 24, 2010

Centenial Park

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July 23, 2010

Magic Shorts

It started off with some shorty short bum hugger swim trunks that Kael picked out at Shop*Co this afternoon. I figured I'd bring my camera and snap some shots of him in the ridiculous things during his swimming lessons. Turns out, bum huggers on my son are cute.

He was ALSO the only kid to show up for his level two swim class today.

He'd passed on to level three last session, but he still had a bit of a fear from his (seemingly) near drowning, so I kept him in level two until his confidence perked up. Well today, he did some perking. His instructor is a new girl and this *is * the first week of class, so she doesn't really know the kids well nor what they are capable of.. so she pushed him. Encouraged him, rather. Kael is the kind of kid that has fun by accomplishing goals and pleasing/entertaining the adults around him, and here was his own private audience, talking just to him and asking him to listen, which he did.

And then a magic light bulb turned on and his learning sponge started soaking up, as fast as it could, all that she was saying. She'd sit him on the edge, tell him what she wanted him to do, show him herself, and he'd climb back in the water. And do it. It was the coolest, proudest, most fantastic thing I've ever sat on the edge to witness. To get to see that kind of magic in your kid, when they all of a sudden just *get* something... I mean, I was a blubbering mess. With a camera.

The only time she needed to put her hands on him was when he got to the end of his swim... all of the back floating, back stroke, front float, side stroke, "big arms", "rocket" moments are all him. Swimming. All by himself. He was jumping in and swimming a good ten feet to where she was waiting. All by himself.

It was one of the coolest parenting moments I've ever experienced.


It took Raegan just a few minutes to figure it out.. and she was OFF!! This little kayak is awesome, we were allowed to borrow it from other preschool parents when we visited Scout Lake and Raegan is a natural! One ride out with Aunt Davinie taught her how the paddle worked, and first chance she got she went waaaay out all on her own! Figured out turning around and everything! It was pretty dang fantastic to see.
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July 19, 2010

In the Bucket

Well crap. I WAS going to have my very first crop of cherry tomatoes. I WAS super excited about that. Then I left town for five days and the poor little things were starved to death. Fingers crossed an intense-watering intervention resurrects at least the plant. I don't have much hope. And am bummed.
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July 12, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge Vacay!!

We had a BLAST at Great Wolf Lodge! The room! The entertainment! The water! The squealing kids and happy faces! The Crispy Creme!!

Highlights include a visit with TyLeigh and Lilly for dinner and a day spent with Alyca and Ethan at the water park.

Raegan, of course, fell flat on her face ten minutes after donning her swim suit so sported a beautiful puffy forehead the whole trip, but it sure didn't slow her down! The only down side is the crazy expensive food at the resort, which was easily remedied by trips to local restaurants and the packing of our own snacks.

We'll definately be going back next year, but probably for just one night instead of two. It was a BLAST, but I think stretching it out to three days of water fun was only as fun as it was this time because we got to share our last day there with the Amersons. Next year it's arriving early and staying one night, checking out super late.

I was shocked at how well the kids handled the 5.5 hour drive, they were PERFECT. Just another reminder of why I'm so thrilled we've stopped at two children; I LOVE that they are old enough now to do family things with that don't include giant hassle! The video is every picture I took, and a giant hand full of those that Alyca took. Mine are all unedited, so be prepared, lol!! We purchased a cheapo 35mm camera in a waterproof case for the visit, which turned out to be a giant dud. Not only did 75% of the photos just plain not turn out, but processing all those pics cost a pretty penny. Alyca had a fancy special zip-lock bag for her digital camera that we are absolutely going to copy her on getting, she got the best pictures and videos!!

I've got to say, again, that we had SO much fun sharing our kids with their Aunt and Uncle! It really made for a super happy last day there, the kids got to show off all the rides and their skills, Matt and I actually got to go on a few slides with each other, and we got to have a blast watching the Amersons play with our kids, who LOVED the extra attention! Yah, Kael got a bit cranky and exhausted towards the end, there.. but it was totally earned! He fell asleep half an hour after we started our drive home, and we woke him up just outside of Madras in the hopes that *some* awake time would allow him to fall asleep again when we finally got home.. no go on that one. We got home just after 8 and it was nearly 11 before he finally went to sleep.

All in all, it was a giant success!

Sabrina Matt tube.AVI

Such a graceful exit, lol!

Rae swim.AVI

Matt Ethan Kael tube.AVI

Kael swim.AVI

He's using his "big arms" learned in swim lessons!


rae waves.AVI

Kael Ethan tube.AVI

Rae tube2.wmv

wild waves.AVI

Matt and Sabrina.AVI

Kael Ethan splash.AVI

Waterpark Vids..

(ignore the ladylike posture. I was trying to hold her little legs down with my own, resulting in a rather vulger big Mama. )

July 04, 2010


Happy Independence day! We've had fun so far, with riding in the parade AND getting to watch the bulk of it, and playing with the cousins... Hope your day is as fun and family filled!
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