April 11, 2013


Today was his last day. I feel just sick about it.
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April 02, 2013

Easter Extravaganza!

Managed to trick the Cooper family in to staying with us for the big Fiero Easter bash this year, so I got to cuddle this little lump of adorable for the weekend...

Aren't her eyes just gorgeous?? I'm thinking they'll settle at hazel... 

 Kael found this suit jacket at GoodWill and was convinced the world would end if he wasn't able to wear it for his Easter outfit.. who am I to end the world??!!

Raegan was her same beautiful self! She gets a new dress each year and I swear, it's like Christmas for that kid!

 The big pile of cousins getting ready for the hunt!

 Mama and I

 Lilly's basket runneth over... but no worries. Daddy has a t-shirt...

Grambonn laughing in the sunshine


The beautiful Cooper family!
 Look at all that loot!!

The required self-portrait with the husband...

 Kael playing catch with Aunt Ardena
My cousin Krystal, and my wee little second cousin Rikaiya
Visits with Grammie

 And Easter just wouldn't be Easter if the much anticipated Egg Launch didn't happen... we had well over 100 eggs this year, haha! But the kids were also old enough to participate a little more, so there was no shortage of launching volunteers!

 Even yours truely gets in on the action! I don't care how impractical those shoes are, I LOVE them. I have a habit of waiting for special occasions to do things like wear fancy shoes, which means I've got a whole wardrobe of clothes and shoes that I have literally never worn, and that's just sad.. every day should be a special occasion. I'm not waiting anymore.. this is your heads up if I randomly show up in your home in a prom dress... Side note, I scored the first direct egg-bursting hit on that tall tower with this particular shot. :bows:

She is the most beautiful little girl! Look at those CURLS!!! Squeeeee!!
 Matt's launch..
 And even the tiny cousins got in on it!
 Expert aiming advice from the Dads...

 An attempt was made to get all the Cooper cousins together for a photo... we're just lucky they all sat still for a second, asking for good smiles at the same time is asking a wee bit too much...

 Raegan absolutely fell in love with Eva on this visit. She's not had extended time with a wee little baby before, and is such a nurturer by nature, the stars aligned and her age, personality and a baby all made it to the same place at the same time. She asked to hold the baby constantly throughout their visit, and was very attentive when she had her!

 This isn't the best shot, but it made me gasp when I saw it. I can see the adult Raegan in this face. ( oddly, I also see a young Alyca in this face...) She is stunning, and seeing it, already, makes me crazy-sad. My babies are growing up so quickly, I feel like I'm missing it. 
 Got a quick photoshoot in with my Mama at the old chicken coop..

 And some more pics with the hubby...

 I didn't realize till just now that I didn't get hardly any pictures of the Fieros! As they are the ones that hosted this whole shindig, that is decently crappy of me.. but I did get this beautiful shot of Payton with Raegan after the girls had played with Payton's makeup birthday present!

I love that we do this every year. I love that official time is set aside to spend with family, reconnecting. With the health scare we're all sharing with Alyca, I think we have all come to realize how important our family really is to us, and also noting how little energy we've spent on letting them know how important they are. It was a smaller group this year because it was *just* family, but that worked out well! Hopefully next year the Amersons and even more family make it over. Big thanks to the Fieros for putting the whole thing together each year. Lord  knows if I was in charge of hosting something we'd just never get together!