October 30, 2005

Today was pumpkin day... Raegan wasn't the least bit interested in the carving part, thought the slimy stuff from inside was just foul, and spen the whole episode trying to take the knife. After dinner, it was time for the Official Sitting In the Pumpkin. I sat her in... she noticed how slimy and cold the inside was... thought about it for a bit, and when she realized that if she leaned forward she could get that pumpkin to rock, she LOVED IT! It was hard to get any pictures of her looking at me because she kept looking at her knees or trying to eat the edge. But when she DID look up, she was mighty cute, if I do say so myself! Posted by Picasa

we LIKE the slimy inside... Posted by Picasa

tasty... Posted by Picasa

A Second Thought On Halloween

I’m not totally convinced that trick or treating is such a wholesome building block for a stable society. You put on a mask, you knock on a door, neighbor opens said door and is “scared”, you shout your demands at the top of your hyperactive, sugar stimulated voice, and they hand over the goodies. Then you run away. Aren’t we just role playing generations of armed robbers? Of course, this won't stop me next year when Raegan is old enough to do said goodie collecting.... I just needed to find a reason why we didn't do it THIS year...

October 26, 2005

A Room With A View

I've been doing some doodling in Raegans room, trying to make it more "her" room, and this is what I've gotten done so far. I like it, all colorful and pink.. Plus it is just acrylic, so it will wash off, if I have enough determination. Fun! I think I will continue this theme on all walls. Posted by Picasa

Raegan and Lola are buddies. Raegan got tired near nap time, and since Lola was already cuddled in her blanket, Raegan just cuddled with Lola. It is very cute to see. Lola lets her do whatever she wants ( include put her finger in her eye.... yes, IN her eye) because Lola just Loves whatever attention Raegan gives her. Posted by Picasa

Lola is such a good girl. Posted by Picasa

Wee Bean, 7 weeks 1 day, Due 6/13/06 Posted by Picasa

October 23, 2005

Why Yes, Yes we Are.

Yes, we are.

Due June 13th, 2006

A happy accident that we are thrilled about.
Will get the 1st ultrasound results on Wednsday.. will update you then!

October 17, 2005


Comments? Questions? Funny stories?

Raegan found her Daddy's promo hat from work. She thought it was so fun to wear! I think it's her nea favorite thing.. she's carting it around with her everywhere... I think the era of hating-things-on-head is over! Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

October 16, 2005

Raegan went to the Pumpkin Patch with the Fieros today. We had a quick photo shoot ( check Davinies Blog soon.... she got MUCH better pictures then I did) and walked the corn maze. A fun day! Posted by Picasa

She's kind of wedged down between the hay and pumpkin... but she didn't complain! Posted by Picasa

Morgan-Bee and Raegan-Lion among the pumpkins. Posted by Picasa

Such a fierce lion. Posted by Picasa

Really bad picture of the gals having a good ole' time on the couch with a book. Posted by Picasa

Nekkid baby with a poon.... and HAPPY about it! Posted by Picasa

October 13, 2005


My girl is just a chatterbox. I took her to Opal Springs to visit Ardena, and she spent the WHOLE visit pointing and screaming "Da Paaahh!" ( the puppy?) at Tyson. He was understandibly freaked out by the small screaming thing.
Today we sat down for some story time. I was reading the book about the cat " My pretty kitty, so soft and small." Raegan just loves this book. " She runs and plays and catches her ball." It was at this moment that my little Einstein pointed her tiny little finger at the red round spot on the book and said, quite clearly "Baaah! Baaah!" Stunned, I turned the page..."The little ball rolls, around the floor.." and again, that child pointed at the red spot and said "Baaahh!" I continue on "The little ball rolls, right out the door." and again "Baaahhh!"

Today, Raegan points at balls.

October 06, 2005

Raegan was pretty sick from her shots, and spent a lot of time just cuddlin' with Grammabon ( BonBon?) Posted by Picasa