January 23, 2010

7 Toed Freak Of Nature

Vet says that little end one may have to come off later on. Count on us to pick the biggest freak cat in the county... but I wouldn't change a thing. She is absolutely PERRRFECT!
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The Martha Farking ORANGE

A tiny tour of the upstairs, and the gawd danged ORANGE that has burned holes in my retinas. This is the completion of the 6th coat of paint, and we will sell this place in a hundred years with that top floor still being orange. I am NEVER painting that area again. Also, I kind of hate orange now. Don't get me wrong, I think it looks fantastic up there. But if I ever see another paint roller with orange paint on it get the short bus ready, because I will FLIP. OUT.
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January 18, 2010

A Shaved Muppet is a Happy Muppet

And whoa, tongue. Goodness dog, how DO you close your mouth?

Also, presenting the soft mocha that is now smeared artfully onto my downstairs step/hall walls. Soon to be on every other wall not of accent color. Whatcha think? OOH! And if you look carefully at the bottom picture, you can see a sneak of the orange that is the bane of my existence in the upstairs hall! Which still needs a final coat! Which will make SIX coats total! That is assuming the expensive paint I purchased on the advice of the professionals works and it doesn't end up needing any more........
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January 13, 2010

Shocked: Haiti

I can not being to imagine the devistation and feeling of helplessness that surrounds Haiti today. All I can do is hope. So that is what I'll do. Here's a blogger living in the chaos, I plan to follow their story and learn ways I can help through them. I only wish I had some medical skills, I'd be down on the first flight doing what I can. I hate not being able to do anything.

January 06, 2010

Every Now and Then I Actually Get it Right

Stopped off at Habitat for Humanity today, spent ten minutes haggling over a lifetime of peace for Raegan. Yep, I got the child her own desk. Morgan and Payton have an official desk art station and it sounded like such a good idea, the only problem being that Kael will NOT leave Raegan alone. And he isn't artistic at all, not the least bit creative when it comes to paper, that's just not his thing. But he will happily scatter and tear and scribble all over whatever Raegan happens to be working on. Last week I found her hiding in her closet with a coloring book and pockets stuffed full of crayons. So today I got her a desk that she can cram full of whatever artsy fartsy goodness she can come up with, safely away from the pesky brother. We brought it into the house at 6pm, forced her downstairs for dinner, and it's 8:15 & she's still coloring strong. SO excited to have her own space. I told her she could stay up coloring until I went to bed & you'd think I told her she could have the moon. She's growing up, and having this one small official space that is all hers that she doesn't have to share at all.. well every now and then I actually get it right. Today was one of those days.
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