June 17, 2010

The last before the first.

Today was Raegans last day of preschool! It was a big party day for her as well and she loved every minute of it, little goofball. It was fun for me too, but then all the kids sat in the circle on their carpet squares. And sang the "School is Over" song that they sing at the end of class every day. For the last time.
Yah, I started bawling. Out of no where. It was so....me. Mrs Rau & Wilbur and I shared a blubbering hug and I scooted my little ex-preschooler out the door before it got any worse. I have not had any sad or worrisome issues with Raegan growing up, going off to "real" school.. And then she sang the school is over song for the last time as a little girl. Caught me off guard.
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Pixie said...

I'm so impressed with how mature Raegan is! Don't feel bad...I cried at Seb's Kindergarten graduation too. haha