October 24, 2009

The Great Purge of 2009

So... early next week we should be closing on our new home. Part of me is excited, and part of me dreads the month that is coming. Why? Well this morning was a good example. This morning, I took part in the great Purge of 2009, and hauled FOUR BOXES stuffed full of catalogs and magazines into the recycle bin. Four. I have a thing for catalogs. Nothing brings me glee like sitting down with a catalog and a marker to spend hours pouring over each and every item inside, "window shopping" with my sharpie. I've got catalogs that are two years old that I still regularly go back through, crossing off this, highlighting that.... and the thing is, I have never placed an order through a catalog. Never. I just like the pretend play that they offer. So it was with a sad heart that I loaded my treasures into that big recycle bin... but also a wee bit of glee....

You see, I have a new address now, so I can re-subscribe to all of my favorite vendors and get ALL NEW catalogs sent to me! Whoop! Lets cross fingers that we actually DO close next week, because if not the new home owners are about to get their mail box packed full of junk mail!
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Krystal said...

I have a terrible magazine/catalog addiction, too! I'll often take the to work when I'm done with them so others can enjoy them (and throw them away!).

Thanks for the comment on my blog!