November 16, 2010

'dem babies

What is it about learning about someone else's pregnancy that make me want to all of a sudden be their best friend? And what do I do about this? I am just so in *love* with pregnancy, so in *love* with pregnant women, so in *love* with the idea of bringing a new life into this world.. What IS that? I have a very thin connection on Face-Book with a childhood friend who is soon to be a new father. I haven't seen or spoken to him since I was 13, we kind of reconnected online as "friends" and I enjoy hearing about his daily life, and then BOOM. The pregnancy announcement. Now all of a sudden I want to be his wife's best buddy and I stalk her pregnancy photos and get excited about talking babies with the daddy-to-be ( not that he has asked, it's all in my head!). Which is crazy-stalker because not only have I never met her, but I've never even online-met this poor gal. See?! Crazy stalker. And now I've learned that a family member is also expecting. I want to be her BEST. FRIEND. I want to support and nurture and help her walk down this path of pregnancy with joy. I want to see her empower herself through growing and birthing her child. This family member and I aren't close, we aren't buddies, we don't hang out or anything... But now all of a sudden I'm stalking her.

It's creepy.

What IS IT with me and growing babies?!! And where do I put this passion? Being a Doula seems the obvious choice, but even that doesn't take it far enough....... Where do I go with this?

Is it just me?


K said...

LOVE this post. It's not just you! I have forged many friendships with women who have announced pregnancies, where previously I found them intimidating. I immediately warm to pregnant people, I love hearing the details and love figuring out who far along I think they are, I love catching snippets of birth stories. My sister has just finished her midwifery training this week and I love to hear all of her stories too.
How's that doula training going for you? Or are you trained? You'd be a wonderful, wonderful doula!

p.s. this same baby obsession is how I started following your blog btw - you were pregnant with Kael, and I was pregnant with my #2 - I think they were even born on the same day (or close)

K said...

Sorry, I just read the doula part of the post! Midwifery? Working with surrogates somehow - mentoring? I don't know! I think you know in your heart that you need to do something to do with it :D

rarejule said...

Feed and follow that passion and your answers will become clear... there's something about it that is *not* creepy and I am sure you will discover how to keep going and be a friend, mentor or doula to pregnant women who need you!

Sandra said...

A few nights of caring for the newborns, becoming completely sleep deprived should cure that.
In the meantime, I bet the pregnant woman love you! Who doesn't love to be the center of attention!

Anonymous said...

get in a nursing program and learn to channel this love in a positive direction. I L Y GRamie