April 24, 2009

Lets Share, Shall We?

Mine: I am modest. On a long trip over the frozen pass, cars lined up for miles through the empty desolate mountain road because of the ice and snow. I have to pee. I really really have to pee. There are 10 foot snow drifts on either side of the road making our path a narrow walled in one, so there's no pulling over to go into the woods, not that that would have been possible because the standing snow on the ground was at least 5 feet deep. We were traveling in spurts, the line of cars would move ahead 30-40 feet, then stop for a few minutes, then move again. OMG did I have to pee!!!!! My mother was traveling with me in the passenger seat, my husband sitting in the back seat of my pickup. No chance of filling up a soda can. It finally came to the point where I didn't have a choice. I HAD to pee. NOW. So as soon as my line of cars stopped I hopped out and went to the front of my pickup, hidden between the front of mine and the back of the car stopped in front of me. And wouldn't you know it. I picked the ONE time that traffic would actually begin to move. The car in front of me started driving away. Like... away. And just my luck, a large pack of vehicles coming the other direction finally got through! So I'm squatting in front of the truck peeing, SO MUCH PEE that there is no way pinching it off could possibly happen. Cars behind me are starting to honk because WHY wasn't I driving forward? and I'm red-face-shamed peeing while a good 40 cars drive right by me going the other direction. In the middle of the day. An eye full for everyone.

Most. Embarrassing. Moment. Ever.

OK, your turn!


Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

I was on a very busy freeway just outside San Francisco, in stop and go traffic. I had to pee so bad, I thought I was going to die. We were in the middle lane, no way to pull over, because traffic was at a standstill.

So I peed...in a Big Gulp cup...right there in the passenger seat. And I had to pee so bad, I filled the ENTIRE cup and it poured out onto the seat of my boyfriend's car.

And...there was big rig next to me. I refused to look over and just told myself that he probably didn't see anything. But I'm sure he had a good story to tell that night.

rarejule said...

Oh, my! I'll have to think of one that even comes remotely close!