April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Blurry eyed first thing this morning, we all got up early so that we could color eggs with Daddy before he left for work. Next year I'll definitely boil at least two cartons of eggs, one just wasn't enough for how much fun we had! And a tip for other parents out there. Before coloring the eggs, take some Vaseline or bag balm, etc. and coat your child's fingernails/cuticles. No dye will stick to that grease, so clean tidy hands for picture time are guaranteed! Do try to keep it off of their finger pad as any of it that gets on the eggs will cause a no-dye spot.. but then again that might just make coloring them that much more fun! Ooh! Next year... q-tips and bag balm instead of white crayons!
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1 comment:

Bon said...

Looks like fun!

I remember the old days with my little ones...
they loved it..
Looks like these do too!!

Enjoy them while you can.......


they will grow up,

all thats left are memories.