May 14, 2005

Oh the POWER of the A.B.C. song

It's the funniest thing... almost without fail, if Raegan is upset or restless, all Mama has to do is sing the A.B.C. song, and she calms right down. I've probably sung that song a million times over the last few months, sometimes over and over for HOURS.

Today, in her bath, Raegan discovered the joy of bubble raspberries. I held up a cup for her to take a sip out of, as usual, and she got that water over her lip and just started blowing away!! She giggled and giggled! We must have blown bubbles for a good 10 minutes, she never got tired of it.
Silly Girl.


alyca said...

Do you sing it in the normal way or in the super fast way??

Mama-Beans said...

Depends on the situation..if she wakes up at 3am and doesn't go directly back to sleep, singing slowly and softly is the key (I try not to pick her up or touch her, as that seem to wake her up more)
If we're in the car and she is just PISSED and doesn't want to be in her seat anymore, it is LOUD, and FAST, so that either I quiet her down or I drown out all her noise so I can drive without being too bothered.