May 01, 2005

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...

OK ladies, here's your homework, Due no later then Monday, the 9th...

12X12 Scrapbook layout

1 photo ( or one collage of photos if 1 single photo isn't available)

Title: Family
I'm in a scrapbook rut, so making an assignment helps me get off my tush and do it. The challange is to take a single photo and make a whole page dedicated to that moment in time.. my problem is going to be getting the puppies in there somewhere. I think maybe I'll just cut them out of other pictures and paste them on a family photo I already have. We'll see. (Good luck, Alyca, getting the kitties to hold still for a picture!) In the end, if we need to have more then 1 photo on the page so that our whole family is represented, then so be it.
I'll be checking your Blogs on Monday night.....
Hopefully I'll see your newest " Family" page posted!

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